How to use Aadhaar payment app to accept Payment on Your merchant Store


Aadhaar payment app Download : Government of India launched  this app on 25 December 2016. Aadhaar based Payment App is a new Android smartphone application being launched by the central government to encourage the use of digital payments.

Aadhar card payment app is Useful to pay money without any debit & Credit card . It is available for android on Google Play Store.

Aadhar payment app

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The app has been developed by IDFC Bank along with UIDAI and National Payments Corporation of India and will be available for download nationwide on Sunday. How To Use & Install in Android Follow This step.

Process for Aadhaar Payment App Download:-

  1. First of all You have to download The app from Play store .
  2. IF you are a merchant, login with your aadhaar number.
  3. Complete the Validation process using the using your fingerprint.
  4. Now to accept payment from a customer, click on Pay.
  5. Enter the customer Aadhaar card Number.
  6. Now Enter Customer Bank name and amount to be pay.
  7. Select button Yes Process.
  8. Validate the transaction using customer’s fingerprint.
  9. After successful authorization, the amount will be transferred from customer’s bank account to merchant’s bank account.
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Important Note:-

  1. The Bank account of  both Need  to be linked with aadhaar to make payment using aadhaar Card payments app.
  2. If your phone has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor then you may not require to Purchase an external fingerprint sensor.
  3. Merchant needs a smartphone connected to a bio-metric scanner.
  4. According to the source, the traders a bio-metric reader, is currently on sale for Rs 2,000.

Government of India launched aadhaar card payment app on 25 December 2016. This post will tell you where to process of aadhaar payment app Download to make cashless transactions.


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