How Aadhaar Based payment app works as Merchant Solution for cashless payments

As per Recent Move the prime minister of India takes another step to make Indian Economy cashless . Recent Aadhaar based merchant payment Solution app the “Aadhaar payment app is launched”. This mobile application will helps you to pay money without any Debit card/Credit card or Net banking account.

You just need a Bank account number which is Verified via KYC process . If it is is linked with your bank account then you can easily pay money just by using this Newly Launched cashless merchant app.

Aadhaar Payment app

Aadhaar based payment app , Merchant solution

This Mobile application is Created by Government of India in association with IDFC Bank, UIDAI, and National Payments Corporation.

How Aadhaar Based payment app works

Its works on Simple rule if You are Customer then you just need to carry Your aadhaar Card . If you purchase Something from Shop then you need to enter your Aadhaar Card number in Merchant mobile phone app .

Merchants Mobile will be Connected with the Biometric reader which will Scan your fingerprint . Remember you don’t need to enter any password Your fingerprint will works like Password . Once the transaction will Successful then amount will be deducted from your account and it will be credited to Merchant account.

After the Successful payment you will also Receive a Message on your registered mobile number.

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is This Cashless merchant solution Secure ?

Yes its Completely Secure , its more secure then other mobile wallet app that works on password . We all know that passwords can be Easily stolen by hackers But no one other can use Your fingerprint Except you.

Payment will be Done only when you Scan your Fingerprint using the biometric machine otherwise payment will be Declined.

How Can I start Using Aadhar card Payment app ?

If you are Customer and Just want To purchase something from Shopping stores then you have no need to Aadhaar Payment app Download .You just need to Carry your Aadhaar Card or just remember the numbers  .

If you are Merchant then you need to Download aadhaar card Payment app. You also need to buy a Biometric reader which will cost you around rs 2000.If your Smartphone already Featured Fingerprint sensor then you don’t need to buy this Machine.

How can i accept payment via Aadhaar card ?

Its Very simple Process first you need to Buy a Biometric machine from market , Download the app and Link your mobile with this Reader . Now just follow the all Steps which i mention below.

  • If customer want to Pay via Aadhaar based payment app then You have to click first on Aadhaar pay.
  • Enter the Customers Aadhaar Card number .
  • Enter customers bank name and the amount that customer want to pay.
  • Ask consumers to Complete the verification by using their fingerprint scanning.
  • Once the authorization will be Complete . The payable amount will be Transfer in your account.

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