About us – The journey & Never Ending story of Apptricker

According to me Apptricker is just a Dream which comes true on 04 October 2015 , when i Start my blogging carrier with my friend  Mohammad Afroz.

Here i am not going to tell you What is Apptricker ? What you find here , Why should you read this blog , Why this Site is better then others ? And Some others things that’s you find on any others sites about us page.But just one thing that I am going to share with you here is The Story of this website.

After the Completing a small journey in Blogging Now i am Going to Share the Story of Me , The story of this website which helps Lots of android users to Earn money online Just by their mobile phone.

The Creation of the blog which Shares the amazing Tricks about your android , Windows mobile , Apps & games.Here We are not only Focus on tricks on Earn money online , You also Find Here best online Shopping & Mobile Recharge Coupons that gives you maximum cashback on Every transaction that you made online.

Now lets Come to the point , Here i am Going to Share why i Start this blog ?, How i Create one of the most Successful website without any Previous Experience just By spending Time & money. According to me Apptricker is just a Dream which comes true on 04 October 2015 , when i Start my blogging carrier with my freinds Mohammad Afroz.

The Untold Story Of Apptricker

This Website is Started on 4th October 2015 By me & my college friend Mohammad Afroz, But The idea of Start an Online business is comes in my Mind in April 2016 when we Both just Dropout our Collage life for Same reason.We don’t Know What we are Going to do next, But i now know after Completing 6 month Successfully in blogging.

When everyone was planning For exam’s I am just Using my Mobile phone To reading some articles which is useless in Others point of view.

After Spending Some time on internet I found a Website that Gives useful information about blogging & Web design , Honestly I didn’t know about blogging Before reading that article.This is just eye opener for me , Now i have a target which i have to achieve in life .

I just makes a Plan & Spent my next few months to perform a Research about Blogging , How to establish own Online Business . i note down Every Detail that helps me To makes my plan to Be Successful .

When i ensure that I know everything that I need then I simply Quite my Call center job that I just joined 2 month ago.

It is September Month when we arranged 20000 rs To purchase First Computer & Some other office Accessories.I Start my First Free blog Apptricker.wordpress.com on WordPress and Join some Cpa programs Uc union , Incent mobi to earn money.

On that We write some Simple & short Articles about Free recharge mobile apps after Spending 10 days We didn’t Receive a Single Visitor from google or any other Search engines even I apply all the Settings that is needed to gain More traffic. Now i realized Getting search traffic from free website is not an easy task. But that’s time We don’t have Enough money to invest in Web hosting and i don’t want to ask anyone for this.

So Just Start sharing my blog post in Facebook , its takes Some time and then the blogs Start Receiving some good traffic from Facebook Its Goes 2500 Visitors daily from Fb. Finally after We received Our first payment (10500) from Uc union after Spending 1 month.Its the Screen Shot of my first payment mail via Paypal.

Paypal payments apptricker

On October 4 2015 We Start Our first official Website Apptricker.in which Cost us 2500 rs. Now I transfer all of Post from my free blog to this Website and then Delete all the post from my Free WordPress blog.

I also put a Short note that Gives information to Daily visitors that This website has move to new Address. We spent our next 3 month to get more Visitors , Subscribers for Apptricker But didn’t get Much Success.On that time i am Completely Unaware about any terms of online business even i didn’t know basic of Search engine optimization (Seo) and how bloggers and web Developers earn money online without selling Products.

But i know the google is Source of each and every information that i want So i just decided to Spent my most of time to learn new thing , Developing my web designing Skills.I watch Every video on YouTube , Reads all Useful articles & Subscribe each and Every blog which gives any information that is useful for me.In Shortly i Educate myself to makes This blog Successful. I was spent My 80% of Work time on Learning new things & 20 % Time to writing new post that matters.

When I actually start Earning money

Adsense is Most popular Contextual ad Network to monetize any kind of website & blog . When i just Start blogging i hear about it, but I don’t know too much about this after Sometime when i become Expert i found this very Useful to earn money online . we just ensure that that apptricker Complies with Adsense policies and when we found that everything is perfect than we just apply for adsense . After the waiting of 7 days They approved My website in First attempt .

After the reading So money articles I ensure about one thing that The way of Success is not very easy & i have to works hard to achieve that i want. Day by day we Start publishing new articles , offers on this website. Its January 2016 when this site reach to normal Traffic & our daily earning of Apptricker cross 79 Dollar per day.

Story will be Continues ….. Next part will be Published Soon……