Adobe Pdf reader adds Special document Scanning option (How to use)


Adobe pdf Reader which also known as Adobe Acrobat reader is just added a Special documents Scanning tool within their app Which will scans the Receipt , note, whiteboard, form, or photograph  just By using Mobile phone camera and convert it to PDF documents easily .

This Special feature is Just Launch today for Both android & IOS Operating systems based Smartphone tablets . For using this option you just have to Follow up some steps and place your Smartphone camera on the Documents which you want to convert into Digital print and save to mobile device.

adobe Pdf reader Document Scanning tool

This tool will Easily makes digital copies of any document you have in your hand. The image which you will scan will easily be turned into a PDF file that can be saved on your Computer , Usd drive , Mobile and any other device . Its not all you can also shared this Digital copy with any other person by using Bluetooth , XENDER , AnyShare , WhatsApp or any other file sharing app.

Adobe Reader  not only provides you a way to Scan documents you can also easily Edit the images that you just capture by using this tool . Users can Edit the sharpness, perspective correction, and it also have boundary detection. If you want to use some advance features then you can use the Adobe Sensei .

If you Want to know How to use Adobe Acrobat Document scanning tool then you just Have to follow the Process that i just mentioned below.

How to use Adobe Pdf reader Document scanning feature & Convert the image into PDF
  1. First you have to Download Adobe Reader from using Google play Store or App store.
  2. If you already have then you just have to Update Adobe Acrobat reader app .
  3. Once you have the latest version Installed then open this app and Click on get Started.
  4. You will See camera icon with “Scan” on the top it will also appear on left sidebar.
  5. Just tap on “Get started” it and ready with any Photograph , Slip , Receipt in your hand.
  6. Capture the Image and after the Capturing tap on the Image which will appear on Bottom left side .
  7. Now you can Change the Color , Add additional Images to Create a ebook and Finally save it .

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I hope The Adobe Document scanning option will be Helpful for you.