My Airtel app UPI offer : Get rs 100 just by creating handle & Transaction


Again after a very long time  Airtel has come up with the  My Airtel App offer under this My Airtel App up UPI offer customer will be eligible to get 100 rupees cash for free in their  Airtel payment bank account.  after creating handle customer will get 25 rupees on their first transaction and after initiating  transaction there will be get  50 rupees for free.  currently this offer is available only in My Airtel App so you have to first download the My Airtel App,  create your first your first  u p i handle and then initiate the transaction.  Once you complete the  process step by step then you will get the all amount in your Airtel payment bank account.  so hurry up this offer is available for limited time period only once it closed then you can’t avail it until they decide to bring back for users.  You just have to follow the procedure which I am going to mention in this post and make sure to do it according to terms and condition.

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How to get My Airtel App UPI offer for Free 100 rupees

  1. First we have to head over to Google Play Store App Store according to your operating system..  If you are using Android OS then you have to download it from Google Play Store If you are using iOS then you have to go on App Store.
  2. Once  you download the My Airtel App then you have to first sign up in this app using your mobile number.
  3. After the sign up go to homepage,  you will see a banner which is labelled as Upi offer for Airtel customer.
  4. Tape on that banner and follow the all procedure according to mentioned instruction.
  5. Create your first UPI handle By navigating in Airtel payment bank and then UPI.
  6. After creating  your  handle you have to initiate your first transaction  once the transition will be initiated then you will  get free 25 rupees as a reward.
  7. On the time of 5th transaction you will be get your rest of amount in your Airtel payment bank account
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So that’s how this process works this is the latest My Airtel App UPI offer where you will get the free hundred Rupees by initiating transaction and Creating your first UPI handle.