How to allow or Block Twitter Direct Messages by using app from anyone


Direct messages which is generally called DM in twitter terminology, it helps to send personal message to your Followers. This type of chat will be personalized and no one other can see it on your twitter profile, But most of time we see that spammers use this feature for their own benefits.

Sometime we wants to block all those persons to Send message to using DM .Do you know as Like Facebook, and WhatsApp you can also allow and Block someone from sending Direct messages (DM) to you . Its very simple process to follow for prevent the Spam messages.

Twitter Direct Messages from anyone

That’s why after a long time i come up with another twitter tutorial , Here you will learn how to prevent and allow or Prevent DM’s by using Twitter app, Website.

How to Prevent Twitter DMs

Here is Complete procedure, it barely takes more then 1 minute to Prevent Prevent Twitter DMs.

By Using Twitter.Com website

  1. Open the computer browser and Head over to .
  2. Login to your account by Entering login details .
  3. Tap on Setting icon and find Receive Direct Messages from anyone .
  4. Select approatiate option and Finally click on save button.
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Twitter app for Android

  1. Tap on three dots on Top left corner , the Sidebar will be open.
  2. Click on Setting option and navigate to Privacy and content.
  3. You will see another option which is labeled as Receive messages from anyone.
  4. According to your choice you can Check any box like From from followers only or From anyone.

Twitter App for iOS

Here process is little different then Android mobile app

  1. Open the app and Find the tab which is labeled as ‘me‘.
  2. Click on Gear icon that you will see next to your profile picture.
  3. Navigate to setting , Go to Privacy & Safety.
  4. Scroll down until you found Receive messages from anyone option.
  5. Tap on this option and Configure the setting according to your choice.

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By using Twitter Windows app

  1. Tape to open left panel and select Me option.
  2. Hit the setting and find privacy and safety option.
  3. Scroll down till the end and click on Receive messages from anyone option.
  4. Choose the appropriate action and done the action for Setup Twitter direct messages.
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