Android Quick setting menu – Things that you can do with this menu


Android Quick setting menu always appear on the header site of Your smartphone screen whether you are playing any game, Checking Facebook, Writing emails It always stick to its position. This menu will make our life easier most of time like if you are watching a Movie onn Your phone and then you need to turn on the Auto rotate. Instead of visiting Setting then its option you can directly turn on /Turn off it using your Quick setting bar.

Android Quick setting items

Here in this yet another blog post i listed most used Android Quick setting menu items that you need to know to use your phone in better way.

#1 Notification Tray

One of the most user friendly thing of android os is you can instantly get notification of any app without visiting/Opening mobile application. Its also works like Quick automated shortcut to open the specific page which is related to the notification.

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#2 Turn off/ Turn on data

So we are from the Generation who use mobile phone just to stay connected to internet any time at any place. This Quick shortcut will provide you the Perfect way to turn on and Turn off your data connection by single tapping.

#3 Auto-rotate / portrait mode

It will turn on or Turn off the Auto-rotate mode in your mobile phone. Specially this feature is used while watching videos.

#4 Torch

One of the most essential thing that should be have in every smartphone. Torch/flashlight will helps on the time of power cut or if you are visiting any dark palace.

#5 WiFi

Turning on WiFi feature is actually necessary to connect any Wifi Hotpots near us. After connecting public free WiFi we can use free data on our mobile phone.

#6 HotSpot

It similar to WiFi but its provide outgoing data connection. By using our cellular mobile data we can create our own WiFi network. For privacy we can also set password, Limited device to connect.

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