The Best 5 most Popular Cricket Games for Android Smartphones in Year 2017


Now on Android Gaming platform We can discover Thousands of mobile Games daily not to Mention that Each type of Game is now available on Google playStore with high quality Graphics. Android Cricket Games in One of them So here why we are Listed the most popular and the Best Cricket Games for Android.

Cricket Games for Android, Android Cricket Games

Android Operating System is the most Widely used and popular platform around the world to for Mobile phones. Day by day this Os is has become a bigger because Everyday millions of users Join this and On Its app Market Google play store everyday Thousands of new of Games and App is Updated daily. Not only in terms of Operating System this is also the Fastest growing platform for Gaming. This is the time when Mobile gaming is more inquisitive as compare to the other Devices which can not maintain on Hand like Gaming consoles, laptop & Computers.

Android Cricket Games {Top 5}

You can also Easily Search on Google play store to discover the most Exiting, Feature reach, Beautiful, Amazing and Real life Like cricket Games. But here, In this list article we didn’t only put the details we also Explain why Should you download the Game. We include those Android Cricket Games which we sense are higher than the others Applications. Some are Free, Some are Include In app purchase, Some is Lightweight and cost Low mb’s while download, Some is offline and some needs online Internet Connection.

1) Real Cricket 16

Real Cricket 16

One of the most Downloaded Android mobile Game ever with powerful game play and lovely features that every player will love. This Cricket game For android has got all of the capabilities , Features from choosing ur Teams to putting in place batting order and a well up to date squad with correct player in Setting,  but the opposition group constantly bowls more overs from element time bowlers which makes the sport unrealistic.

2) Stick Cricket

stick cricket For android

The most Simple, Addictive and Beautiful Android Cricket Games to Play Cricket match which is Available on Google play store. According to some Reviews on it the Stick Cricket legend can successfully unlock and conquer all 14 countries en route to World Domination. This is the One of most played Android Cricket Game.

3) Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D Can be played only in T20 format, In this players can enjoy the excellent cricket recreation in complete HD three-D portraits. you can play in a selection of modes along with tournaments, ODIs, T20 suits and the exciting Power play fashion options.

4) Cricket WorldCup Fever

Cricket WorldCup Fever

Launch By UTV and this one have the Most Amazing Game play and Powerful graphics that can be found in any Android mobile game.  “Cricket WorldCup Fever” is the maximum and Fully featured complete cricket recreation on your Android smartphone. Play together with your favorite cricket national team in four interesting modes of play – “brief in shape”, “PowerPlay” “global Cup” and the flip primarily based styled “skip-N-Play”. Choose any modes that you Love.

5) Gully Cricket Game – 2017

Gully Cricket Game - 2017

Unlike any other Cricket Game for android this one is Different. This one is not a copy of Cricket matches that International Cricket team played this one is dealt the Game that we played in Our Gully and Mohalla from Childhood. Surely Entertaining, Simple to play and Here we can Choose from 2 different Teams 6 boys or 5 boys & 1 girl.

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sting five top Android Cricket Games which we sense are higher than the others, If you have any Suggestion then feel Free to mention in Comment section.

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