Best Artificial Intelligent Apps that you must Download right now


Android is the platform with the largest number of Apps (Much more then Windows & iOS store). There is lots of application that helps us in our daily Life Personal assistance apps is surely one of them. These kind of Mobile application helps us in our daily task like search something on Google, Answer the Questions with the help of search engine, Call anyone (Who’s number in phone book), Type the Text Message just by Giving commands . All this is possible via Artificial Intelligent, If you are one of them Who loves the concept of AI then you will love this post. Here in this article i am Going to mention Best Artificial Intelligent Apps that you must Download right now.

Artificial Intelligent Apps is not a new type of mobile application but according to me its much more Better then any other Android app type. We already using the Personal assistant like Siri (Apple), Amazon Echo, Google now in our daily life. All those Ai apps is using the Artificial intelligence to accept our voice commands then done the task.

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Best Artificial Intelligent Apps

For example Google now is my favorite Artificial Intelligent App. This application also works without internet for Some commands. By giving it voice command we can Call to our friends, Type the Simple message whether it on WhatApp or SmsBox. We can turn on the Flashlight By saying “Turn on the Flashlight”. We can search on Google just by mentioning our Search query.

Personal assistance apps works like Charm (Most of) So if you bored by old traditional style of using Mobile phone then you try these Best Artificial Intelligent Apps.

Best Artificial Intelligent Apps

Personal assistance apps that i write here is available for Both major mobile operating system android & iOS. So its doesn’t matter which OS you are using it will works for all smartphone users.

Google Now

Google Now is actually a launcher which is available for latest Android versions. We can Download Google now from Google play store & Customize the setting to Give it voice command once its properly customize for OK Google detection then we are ready to Use it by giving voice commands. For each time when we wants to use it from Voice we just have to Say OK Google & Then our command . Google now will works perfectly for all mobile phone. Even now new update makes the possible to work this app offline as well.

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Google Allo

Google Allo mainly not a personal assistant app but its Messaging App similar to WhatsApp. But this app also have Google Assistant inbuilt which makes it worth using. By using Google allo inbuilt Google assistant we can Get answer our questions. It will shows you location of nearest Restaurant, Shop, Traffic on Road & How is weather outside. Except English Google allo is also other languages.


Similar to Cortana Hound is another most used AI apps that is available. Unlike other Best Artificial Intelligent Apps in this list this Application have some advance option which can’t be avoid.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

With the rating of 4.4 on Google play store Indigo Virtual Assistant is one of the Most downloaded AI android app. This app not only respond to Voice commands but we can also Give it commands in text format too. Indigo will crack a joke, reads news, controls your music, manages calendar, creates reminders, translates, gives directions, searches YouTube, finds restaurants, Shops and so much other thing.

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So whats You think about these Best Artificial Intelligent Apps.