YouTube redirection feature redirect users who Search for ISIS Videos


After Facebook, Twitter now YouTube is Completely ready for the Fight against terrorism that’s why the most Popular site YouTube.Com recently brings its one of the most Innovative feature which is called Redirection. YouTube Redirection which is also called site: redirection feature simply redirect certain users to some another Videos which YouTube Thinks which useful to taking the Right decision. For example if any user search for the ISIS Videos on site then he will be redirected to the show ‘victims of terrorism’ page. In a very short time frame this Feature will become one of the most Strongest weapon of Google.

From the Very long time YouTube have zero tolerance policy against Violent, Racism & Nudity content and Now they bring new feature which is called redirection. If any users search for ISIS videos on YouTube search bar for any motive then he will be Redirected to another keyword’s search result page like victims of terrorism or terrorism victims. On that page the users who searched for videos can see the Impact of terrorism all around the Globe.

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There is also Chances that YouTube or Google start tracking Down your Each and Every Facebook twitter Activity, Search history and almost all other thing that we Do on Internet.

The Redirect Feature was originally developed by Jigsaw, a firm owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to goal Isis-focused clips in particular, based on YouTube. Jigsaw claims the method was developed with research partners who interviewed ISIS defectors and researched the major narratives that the group promoted for recruitment.

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So we Suggest to all of Our site visitors to stay away from these kind of Videos which includes terrorism, Racism or any other Kind of violent activity. If you Do there is High chances Google will collect information about your online Activities and Forward to Government.


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