Bigo live app How to use, make Video calls online & live Broadcasting


Here i am Going to write How to use Bigo live App which is Known as Bigo app is Ultimate Live broadcasting mobile application . This offers you to connect with Millions of users all around the Globe, It is one of the most popular Video broadcasting application which works on all mobile platform Like Windows , Ios & Android smartphone.

What is Bigo live app : A short Introduction

Bigo live App gives you power to start your own live stream anytime , anywhere . its not all You can watch the live Broadcasting calls which is making by others users . Here i will Show you how to download it and join to win the Ultimate popularity . Ho to collect the Prizes like beans without Spending any money.

bigo Live app

Bigo Live app has Some very exciting Features which makes it very Addictive to all those users who love to being Social at Online social media platform.

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How To  Use Bigo live app ?

  1. First You have To go on Your Smartphone’s app Store . If you are using Google play Store then you can download it from google play store by using this link.
  2. Once it install then You have to Signup for first time . You can use  Facebook , Google plus , Gmail id to Login.
  3. Provide them the all Required permission.
  4. Once you successfully register then they will redirect to home page where you can Watch all the Live Broadcasting . Remember you can’t make call to them , they can’t see you but you can Sent the text message and beans to them.
  5. If you want to Make calls to any User then you have Start your own Live Broadcasting .

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If You Don’t Like the textual Guide then you can watch this Bigo live YouTube Video .

How To Download Bigo Live For Pc & Laptop

Do You as Like Android & IOS smartphone this app is also available officially for Windows PC/Computer & laptop. But Download Bigo Live for PC is Little tricky, However you just To Make following setup Step by step :-

  1. First You need to Download the Bigo Live Connector from this Website . Its available to install for windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 only.
  2. Finish the Installation process and Launch the Connector on your Pc.
  3. Open the Bigo mobile app and Scan the Code by Tapping on COMPUTER icon during the Live Broadcasting.
  4. All thing is Done ! Enjoy.
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How to make Live broadcasting ?

  1. Open the Bigo app , on the Bottom Center You will find a Round icon just click on that Icon.
  2. The next page will open Automatically , on the next page You have to enter the Live title.
  3. Just give it any name , Turn on /turn off the Location & Facebook sharing as per Your Choice.
  4.  Now tap on go Live .
  5. The Live broadcasting will Begin in 3 second .
  6. You can make calls to only Those person who are Currently chat Rooms . You can Find the all persons on the Upper right corner.
  7. Just click on any photo Icon and make the call , They have a Choice to accept Your guest live or not .
  8. You can also Invite any user who in Your freinds List by tapping on share icon and Click on Friends. Select any freinds if they will join they can watch Your Live Broadcast.

How to make calls to anyone

To initiate the Live video calling first you need to make the Live Broadcasting . To enable it you just have to follow the all steps that i mention above . If you want to make Calls on Bigo Live then You just have to follow the Simple steps that i mention below.

  1. After Making Bigo Live broadcasting You will see the Profile photos of all those users who is Currently in chat room & online .
  2. Click on any photo Now a Pop Up window will appear on your mobile phone screen . Just click on connect icon to Make call.
  3. Remember The person where you try to make make Conversation Could be reject or Accept your calls according to their choice.

How to Hake beans & Diamond

If you want to Bigo Live Hack Then you are right place because here i Share the Tricks to get Bigo Live Unlimited Diamonds without Download Bigo Live Hack APK . Unlimited Hack diamond tool helps you to get Diamond without paid.

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You can also get the Virtual GIFTS LIKE, LOLLIPOPS, HEARTS AND MORE ….

Just Follow the steps to get Hake beans & Get Free Beans and other thing which is actually paid.

Bigo Live Team recently update their Privacy policy and according to their terms and Condition . You cant use any third party tool or Application to gain Free Gems , Beans & Diamonds . If you do then will block your account within 24 hours . Sadly it is true , we Removed the old trick because it puts your account at risk .

We removed the Bigo live trick to Get Unlimited free diamonds , Because it was risky.

How to delete account permanently ?

You can Delete Bigo live account anytime . You can uninstall this app from Your Android , Ios , windows Smartphones . But uninstalling this app will not Delete the account it will remain on the web . To delete your account permanently you just have to follow the process.

  • First Navigate to the Menu then Go To Setting
  • Now You will find the option of can  Deregister No. /Delete Account.
  • Simply delete your account .
  • Your account will be deleted .
  • Now uninstall this app from your mobile phone .

Features that You can’t miss

  • It automatically Show the Star Broadcasters on the top if you want intract with them then Simple click on the Photo and you will be able see .
  • Want to become Star ? No its Not too Difficult , just Show your Communication skill if Your viewer will love it then they will become your fans , as Big your Fan following you will become more big Celebrity.
  • As i already say it gives You power to Live Broadcasting Its choice you can Watch or start your own Channel anywhere , anytime .
  • Do you know You can sent Virtual gifts to anyone who’s online , If they loves your Gift then will Become Your Friends or make calls to you.
  • You may be know about Guest Live feature where you can talk to anyone Live. Just invite You Friend to co-live Your Broadcasting.
  • You can Covert the Beans to money , isn’t amazing ?
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  • If you logged in using your Facebook profile then each time you will go live they will post its link on your wall . So just make sure if you Comfortable for its Automatic fb post .
  • You have to follow all their terms and conditions. Vulgar words , Nudity , Smoking or Harassing someone during live chat sessions is not acceptable . If you do then They will remove your account within 24 hours .
  • Chat sessions will be not recorded , anyone is able to see You live broadcasting . So i suggest you don’t share your personal details like Mobile number , Address & other thing that you want to make confidential.

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As far as my suggestion  bigo live app is  still the most useful application when it comes to online video chat online video calling.  however this application can’t be used for professional purpose but you can use for entertainment and connecting the other bigo user all around the world.  So if you are one of them who are searching for the app who complete the work for online chatting to  strangers then this app is build up for you.  just head over the Google Play Store, Apple store, Windows app store to  download the latest version of this online video chat application.

Bigo App is available for Both Android phone & iOS operating system.Currently both version of this live streaming mobile app is ranked among top 20 most trending/Popular & Top application in all countries of South Asia. This can be used in any Country but its huge popular in South Asian countries like China, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh. The developers make this application similar to the Game where participant can collect points/Coins in exchange of participate in varies task. Same thing apply here.

I’ll update the Inside Video Review about Bigo live app soon Till then Stay tuned . If have any question then Simply Ask in Comment Section.


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