Can You Play Medville on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck has become the new home for the city-building genre, but one game that hasn’t made an official debut is Medville.

Medville, a video game developed by DeepWater Games that was formally released in November 2023, looks to provide players with a lively and intricate city-building experience to the players.

As ardent users of Steam Deck, we can’t resist asking: Can You Play Medville on Steam Deck?

We’ll examine Medville’s compatibility with the Steam Deck in this article and offer a thorough tutorial for those who want to create their urban masterpieces while playing on their handheld console.

Key Highlights

  • As of now, the official compatibility status of Medville on Steam Deck is “Unknown.”
  • There’s a possibility to play Medville on Steam Deck, but it depends on individual experiences and community reports.
  • The developer may release a compatibility patch in the future.
  • Keep an eye on Medville’s Steam page and forums for updates on its Steam Deck compatibility.

Is Medville available to play on Steam Deck?

Can You Play Medville on Steam Deck

The question of whether Medville can be played on the Steam Deck is still up in the air, awaiting Steam’s review.

However, this doesn’t mean that Steam Deck users are left in the dark.

Players have taken it upon themselves to try running the game on their handheld consoles and report their experiences on the Steam community page.

This collective effort has resulted in a growing repository of information and insights into the game’s compatibility with the Steam Deck.

While there’s no guarantee that the game will run flawlessly on all Steam Deck models, these community reports can offer valuable insights into its overall playability.

How to Keep an Eye Out for Future Developments

The compatibility status of Medville on the Steam Deck may not be set in stone just yet, but that doesn’t mean the game will never grace the handheld console.

The developer, DeepWater Games, has a history of supporting its titles with post-release patches and updates.

It’s entirely possible that a compatibility patch could be released in the future, paving the way for seamless Medville gameplay on the Steam Deck.

Stay tuned to Medville’s official Steam page and forums to stay informed about any upcoming developments related to its Steam Deck compatibility.


There is a glimmer of optimism for city-building aficionados who are ready to take their urban constructions on the move, even though the official decision regarding Medville’s compatibility with the Steam Deck is still pending.

If Medville is still “Unknown” on the Steam Deck, at least it raises some interesting possibilities.

Watch the game’s forums and Steam website closely for any announcements or updates about its compatibility.

To stay up to date on the game’s official support in the interim, you can always check the “Steam Deck Compatibility” status directly on the Steam Deck website.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be creating dynamic neighbourhoods and thriving metropolises wherever you go on the Steam Deck, developing your own city!

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