CashnoCash App : How to use & find ATM Machine with cash near you


CashnoCash app is actually android mobile application , Its specially created to find the Working ATM machines near you with cash . After the demonetization if you are still thinking how can i get the location the ATM’S with money . Then you should download and install this mobile application in your Android or windows Smartphone.

CashnoCash app - find ATM with cash

After the PM narendra modi announced that the Government is going to discontinue the old currency of 500 rs and 1000 rs notes then the most faced problem was Shortage of money .

This mobile app helps you to solve this problem , This will not give you the money but this will show the Location where is the money . This android application helps you to find the Question like Where is the ATM with cash?” “How long is the Queue in ATM?”.

Note that the Information which is available in CashnoCash app is not always accurate . It will depends on the data that the users like you and me provide to this application . If we provide the wrong information then it will also Sows the wrong info.

It will not only Show you the location of working #AtmWithCash also show you How long is Queue in front of machines . Do you wants to find the answer of Question How to use this app to find Atm with cash near me ?

If yes then read this post till the end.

How to download & use CashnoCash app
  1. First you have to download Cashnocash app from Google play store . (Here is link)
  2. Install in your Mobile phone.
  3. Tap on the option Find an ATM near you .
  4. This app will shows the the Location By collaborating with Google maps so just make sure that You have already installed Google maps app in your device.
  5. Once you found the location of Nearest working Atm with cash then you can visit to Withdraw the money .
  6. You can also helps the other persons by updating the information .