Trick to Change whatsapp dp without cropping the image in mobile

Changing the Whatsapp Dp and profile image is very Easy process.But there is one Irritating part that You can’t Change your full size picture Without cropping or Re sizing  it.But we have A smart trick for you.

How to Set a Whatsapp Dp/profile picture without the Cropping the Image

No one loves half part of your Image Didn’t we ? Whatsapp is Most popular Android mobile app for chatting.It is lightweight ,Easy and very Simple to use.But we miss Most of basics Functionality Like We cant Set profile Picture full size.We have to First Crop the Picture than We can upload it as our Dp. Isn’t Irritating ?

Trick to Change whatsapp dp without cropping the image

Obsessively It Very hate this We can do it Directly.But we have another great method to perform This task.Actually it is Not too Tough anyway , just you have to be Small tricky If you are Just Follow the all Steps that i mention about how to set Full size Photo.


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Steps To follow easily set up Full size WhatsApp photo

  1. As i say You cant Do it directly.So we are Going to install A Android app that Works for You.
  2. Go to Google play store & Search for Square droid app, You can use This link to Download it.
  3. Install the app In your Smartphone Open it.
  4. Select A option Pick a Photo if you already have a Picture for Your whatsapp profile.
  5. Select the Picture that You want to use It will Automatically Decrease the Size  .Don’t worry it works Without loosing Quality Of your image.
  6. Now Save the photo in your Mobile phones Memory card or phone Memory.

That’s it Now open the WhatsApp Navigate to Setting & Set the photo as your whatsapp dp that you just Create From Square droid.As i say its Very Simple trick to Set profile picture without Cropping the image.

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