Jio phone order status: How to check, find and Track right now online


Jio phone online booking is done but what’s next, As I mention in my previous post that jio phone next online booking will be start soon and still the Jio phone tracking number isn’t working very well for most of users so it means by dialing the toll free number you will be not able to get the all of the tracking details of your booked us mobile phone so one thing is comes in your mind that how you can check your phones tracking information. well after the online booking we can also check all of your phone tracking information by using Internet yes we can check this information by using our mobile phone for desktop browser with simply have to head over a website and then all details will be appear. If you wants to know how to Track Jio phone order status online then this post is for you.

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Till now you can’t buy the jio phone online only  currently only the pre booking is running its means they will not send you the jio phone to your address.  it means you don’t need any tracking information but still most of us once you know when this phone will be available to purchase finally.  well  few days ago jio official announced that after 21st September or from 21st September all of them prospect buyers who register for pre booking of this mobile phone will be able to get this phone from their nearest jio store.

So basically you just need to head over to nearest jio store to get this phone.  once it will be available at jio store then you will receive sms or a phone call from Jio’s end on your registered mobile number.  once it reached near you  then you can carry your Aadhar card and rest of thousand rupees to finally purchase this phone.

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Track Jio phone order status online

Still if you want to know Track Jio phone order status online  then you simply have to follow the all procedure that I mentioned below.

  1. First head over to which is jio official website. once you on the website then you have to take on login link.
  2. Enter your register mobile number that you used to book jio phone. you will be receive an OTP code verify your OTP code and finally you will be able to see all information including that tracking info for your jio phone.

so that’s it, this is ji perfect way to check find or track jio phone status online. if an in comment section will.

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