Why your Computers/Laptop shut down automatically – Top #4 Reasons


Computers is the best and smartest thing that Human mind created so far, But still it has lots of weak point that make our Computer system dumb. So computers is not so smart as we think, Sometimes its respond very strangely. Like most of time users complain that their computers shut down automatically without users concerns and without ant specific reason. That’s why here in just yet another blog post i listed top most reasonĀ on why your laptop randomly shuts down.

#1 OverHeating

Overheating is one of the major issue and its appear in most of cases. If you are Heavy Gamer and played games most of time then probably you are aware of this kind of issues. Increasing specifications like Ram, Graphic card, Use laptop in cool enviroment will avaoid the overheating issue in most of cases.

#2 To comply with changes

This is not actually a Problem most of time we need to update our Operating system to the latest version. Once it install then we need to shutdown/Reboot our computers. Sometime PC will react automatically on this type of cases so if you also face this kind of issue then you don’t have to worry.

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#3 If non compatible device is attached

If you attached incompatible device to your system then there is also chances that Your computer system will respond strangely. This problem appear in most of low end devices when after connecting external device the Screen is stacked or It turn off automatically. In that case i suggest you to remove that device which cause issue for you.

#4 Due to virus

If you are using Windows and always looking on Google for Cracked software then you must be aware that this will cause your pc at risk. If your System is malware/Ransomeware/Adware infected then this will automatically shuts down and start showing you unacceptable Advertisements.