BHIM app Trouble Shooting Guide for all Known problems


BHIM the official virtual wallet app which is launched by Indian government to Encourage cashless payments. But still users face most of Problems and its Include device binding failed , Transaction declined, Unable to Generate & verify otp code etc.

If you are one them Who are facing BHIM app not working or hanging issue then you are not alone even most of other Android smartphone users are facing same problem.

Bhim app Trouble Shooting For device binding failed

Sometime its a server issue or Some time its issue of Incorrect Configuration.In this post we are Going to Show the Solution device binding failed in bhim app, Transaction declined and some other most Faced Problems.

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You just have to Follow this Quick trouble shooting Process

Trouble Shooting Process for BHIM app

I assume that You already Download Bhim app in your android smartphone from App Store. If you are Facing Errors like Hanging, Screen Stuck, device binding failed, Incorrect otp then You have to Follow the Simple that i mention below.

  1. Logout From app , If you are Unable to Logout then Simply erase the app data from setting menu.
  2. Now try to Login with another Mobile number that You not used in Sign up/Process.
  3. Make sure that the Mobile number that you are Going to using should be Insert in Slot 1.
  4. Switch to strong network like 3G, 4G & WiFi . BHIM app not works properly in 2G network.
  5. Clear the Cache & History using Cleaner apps and Try to make Transaction again.

Bhim App Currently Not supports Android Marshmallow & Android Nougat operating System

You also have to Understand currently its not Support all Indian banks . Its the main Reason why Your online transaction will be Declined every time when you intimate the payments .

If you still Face any issue then there is Nothing to do , It may be server problem . We have to just wait till BHIM app works properly.


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