Why Dominos Not Accepting Online Orders Today? and How to Fix

Dominos Pizza, a beloved international pizza chain, has recently been experiencing technical difficulties with its online ordering system.

Consequently, customers across the globe are unable to order their favorite pizzas and sides online.

This article delves into the reasons why Dominos not accepting online orders and provide you actionable solutions to help you get your Domino’s fix without any hassle.

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In a Nutshell

  • Dominos is facing technical issues with its online ordering system, preventing customers from placing orders online.
  • The outage is widespread and affecting customers globally.
  • Several factors, including server problems and payment gateway glitches, may be responsible for the issue.
  • Simple solutions like checking your internet connection, updating the Domino’s app, or trying a different payment method can resolve the problem.
  • If the issue persists, contacting Domino’s customer support is recommended.
  • Domino’s is working diligently to restore online ordering functionality as soon as possible.
  • Alternative ordering options, such as phone calls and in-store visits, are still available.

Why Dominos Not Accepting Online Orders Today?

The reasons behind Dominos not accepting online orders today are multifold.

Most of the time the reason behind this is simple – There might no open restrourent near you from where they can deliver.

Another potential cause is server problems. Dominos’ servers may be experiencing an overload due to high traffic or technical glitches, resulting in the inability to process online orders.

As a result Dominos might have suspended the online food ordering for the time being.

Another possible reason is payment gateway issues.

If Domino’s payment gateway is experiencing problems, completing online transactions may be impossible.

Additionally, software bugs or glitches within the Domino’s online ordering system could also be causing the disruption.

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How to Fix Dominos Not Accepting Online Orders Today?

If you’re encountering the Dominos not accepting online orders issue, there are several potential solutions you can try:

Check for the Timing

There are time when Domino’s does close the food ordering from the mobile app.

The reason behind it is the timing of all your neaby Domino’s pizza outlet.

While it no unusual for them to open it 24/7, there are some places where they doen’t open restourant in late night or atleast not offer delivery on late hours.

Check for the Ongoing Server Glitch

There might a server issues going on and as a result Domino’s albeit temporarary stoped the online booking.

But you don’t have to worry or wait for the server issue to get resolved you can order meal using phone or pay visit to nearest Pizza shop.

Check Your Internet Connection

Perhpaps the prolem is not with them but with your network.

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and functioning properly.

A weak or unstable internet connection can interfere with online ordering.

Try a Different Payment Method

If you’re facing payment-related problems, try using an alternative payment method.

For example, if you’re using a credit card that isn’t accepted, try a different card or a bank account.

Contact Domino’s Customer Support

Sometime we can’t figure out the reason behind and and during those moments, there is no point in scratching your head, simply reach out to Domino’s customer support ask them what’s going on.

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Commons Questions

Why isn’t Domino’s online ordering working today?

Domino’s online ordering may be unavailable due to server issues, payment gateway problems, or software glitches.

How to fix Domino’s app not working?

Update the Domino’s app to the latest version, check your internet connection, or try using the Domino’s website instead.

Why is Domino’s not taking my order?

Your payment method may be declined, or there could be an issue with your internet connection or the Domino’s online ordering system.

Domino’s not accepting my credit card?

Try using a different credit card or payment method, or contact Domino’s customer support for assistance.

Is Domino’s down right now?

Check Domino’s social media channels or website for updates on any service disruptions.


Dominos not accepting online orders today is a temporary inconvenience that can be resolved with patience and a few troubleshooting steps.

Whether it’s a server issue, a payment gateway glitch, or a software bug, Domino’s is actively working to restore online ordering functionality as soon as possible.

In the meantime, customers can still enjoy their favourite Domino’s pizzas and sides by ordering over the phone or visiting a Domino’s store.

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