7 Steps to download twitter Videos on Android Smartphone & Pc


How to Download Twitter Videos on android, Pc & iPhone

Download Twitter videos on android

After Facebook and YouTube Twitter.Com is one the biggest social networking plateform which offers to share our views and opinions with everyone in this world. This social media nearly 350 million average active users right now . Most of twitter users love to share Awesome video clips, Images, Gif with their Friends and followers. Most of us want to store these videos in our device like Smartphone or computer but its not possible directly. But here is a 100% working trick that answer of a question how to download videos from twitter on Android phone and personal desktop. 

i am are going to Share with you some very easy way to Download Twitter Videos on Android. iPhone, iPad or Windows mobile phones. You just to follow the all easy steps below:-

How to Download Twitter Videos

  1. I assume that you already installed the official Twitter App in your mobile phone, If not then First Download the Twitter app from Google play store, App store or any other app market which is installed in your phone.
  2. Login to your Account, Twitter app has a specialty, You can log into multiple account at same time.
  3. Navigate to the Twitter video that you want to Store locally in device.
  4. Tap on the video and Find url link box, Copy the url by tapping on it.
  5. Open Google Chrome browser in mobile and Go to  Savevideo.me website .
  6. Paste The Copied Link In Download Box And Click on Download Button.
  7. Now Downloading Will Be Start just wait till downloading will be Finish.

Same procedure can be Apply For PC, but on Personal computer you don’t have to download Twitter app (However Windows 10 Twitter app is available if you wish) Just Google chrome computer browser is enough.

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I think this Tutorial will helps you to download Twitter videos on Android, iPhone, Windows mobile & Personal computer to store videos locally.


  1. Really an informative and valuable post for downloading twitter video from android and PC.Also greatly helpful!
    keep it up.


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