Expedia Sorry We Are Having a Problem on Our End [Solved]

You’ve got your trip planned, you’re ready to book on Expedia, and then… that dreaded “Sorry, We’re Having a Problem on Our End” message pops up. Talk about a vacation buzzkill! But before you give up on those flight deals, there are a few tricks to try. Let’s troubleshoot this and get back to planning that getaway.

Quick Troubleshooting steps

Before we dive into details, here are the immediate steps to try:

  • Refresh Time: Reload the Expedia app and refresh the page you are trying to load on phone
  • Connection Check: Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi or data signal.
  • Browser Swap: Try Chrome, Firefox, or another browser to see if the issue persists.
  • Temporarily Ditch Blockers: Disable ad-blockers or potentially interfering extensions
  • Contact Expedia Support: If all else fails, their team can identify the problem.

Why Does the Expedia Error Happen?

Expedia Sorry We Are Having a Problem on Our End

Let’s understand why this frustrating message sometimes pops up:

  • Server Overload: When too many people use Expedia at once, the systems can get overwhelmed. This is often temporary.
  • Browser Trouble: Outdated cache (temporary files) or cookies can confuse websites. Clearing these is often a quick fix.
  • Connection Hiccups: Spotty internet makes it hard for your device and Expedia’s servers to communicate properly.
  • App Bugs and other Technical Glitches: Bugs or glitches in the mobile app affect the user experience and sometime you does face error codes like “Sorry we are having problem” or “Unable to connect to server” .

More Detailed Troubleshooting Steps

If the quick fixes didn’t work, continue on:

Clear Your app’s Cache and data

Expedia app stores data and accumulate cache to speed up things later, but this data can become outdated and cause some issues. You can clear app’s cache and data to make it restart from again.

Test on a Different Browser or Device

If Expedia loads fine on a different setup, the problem likely lies with your original browser or device. Try browser updates or checking device network settings.

Ensure Stable Internet Connectivity

Switch between Wi-Fi and data if possible. A strong, reliable connection is vital for smooth online experiences.

Disable Ad-Blockers or Extensions

While useful, these can sometimes hinder website functionality. Temporarily disable them, then reload Expedia to see if it solves the error.

Contact Expedia Customer Support

If nothing else works, Expedia’s team can delve deeper into the issue. Be prepared to describe the steps you’ve already tried.


What is Expedia Sorry We Are Having a Problem on Our End?

This is one of the error message displayed when Expedia’s servers encounter temporary issues, browser conflicts, network problems, or ad-blockers interference.

Why Does ‘Sorry We Are Having a Problem on Our End Occur’?

The error can occur due to temporary server issues, browser conflicts, network connectivity problems, or interference from ad-blockers or extensions. But most likely (about 90% of time) It does happen due to some issue on host server.

How Can I Book Flights and Hotels on if am facing this Expedia error?

It may not be possible to book flights or hotels on Expedia while the error persists. Try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, or contact Expedia’s customer support for assistance.

How Long Does it Usually Take to Resolve this error?

The resolution time for the error can vary depending on the root cause. Simple troubleshooting steps like clearing cache or trying a different browser may resolve it quickly, while more complex issues might require assistance from Expedia’s support team.


Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel booking platforms, and like any other online service, it can occasionally encounter technical difficulties, causing the “Expedia Sorry, We’re Having a Problem on Our End” error message to appear.

This can be frustrating for users trying to book flights, hotels, or other travel arrangements. In this article, we’ll have outlined not only why this error may occur but also provided steps to resolve it.

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