Facebook snooze feature is Currently under development; Live soon


Facebook snooze feature is currently under development going to launch soon for all. This new feature which is called Facebook snooze Which will allow users to unfollow all of their friends few selected pages or all pages, all groups at once to stay away from any kind of notification.  however this Winston will only allows  snooze all of the notification for temporary basic it will not allows users to  unfollow all of their friends, pages and all groups at once.  however this brand new upcoming future will be very helpful for those who  who wants to stop the all kind of irritating notification for a limited time period.  especially for the student who want to focus on their studies on the time of exams this feature will stop all of those notifications at once and after the time period they will start again getting the all notification on their mobile phone via Facebook timeline or email.

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Was once to get this type of feature from a very long time period and at least we get Facebook Snooze  finally.  now we are able to stop the annoying notifications from Facebook,  from any group where we have member and from any Facebook page we are following and getting the notifications.

but for now it’s over choice to  when to receive notification and when not.  this upcoming feature of Facebook will allows us to get away from any kind of update for a limited time period.  weather is friend over a page that we like for a group which we join all kind of update will be not accur for a limited time period.  we can select the time according to our preferences.

So that’s the  Facebook snooze feature, hope it will be available soon for all Facebook app users. Have any Question,  suggestion or Feedback  then you can mention it in comment section

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