Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App for Android, iOS download review & Troubleshooting


Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App is one of the best Android mobile application under the Entertainment category which is founded on 2010-02-10 01:34:28 to be available to get from Google play store & Ios app store. This amazing software is devoloped by Excelltech Inc.. As per to the latest information from the Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* Download page This cool mobile software have average 3 Star rating From its 1098 users all around the planet earth.

Hopefully you already make an assumption by the Tittle of this Post that this Post is completely about the Review of this Application where we are Going to provide you Exact, all and most important detailes of the Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App.

So without wasting any single moment lets get Started.

Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE*

Section Information
Software name Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App
App store Rating 3 Star From 1098 users
Total rating count 1098 reviews
Compatible devices (Current & Future) iOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
 Latest Version (Out there) 1.02 on App store
Type of App Entertainment
Date of publication 2010-02-10 01:34:28
Is it Free to download?  Yes
Total Size of app 10,287.73
Developers name Excelltech Inc.

Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App is free to download mobile application for Smartphones which is receive 3 Star From 1098 users all around the globe. Its compatible for almost all of the iOS & Android mobile devices, Tablets. Its created by Excelltech Inc. on 2010-02-10 01:34:28 The latest 1.02 is out to download.
Have you ever been in a phone conversation that just wouldn’t end? Do you find it hard to think of a good way to hang up without sounding rude? Download Fake-An-Excuse today, and let your iPhone excuse you from any situation!

Fake-An-Excuse comes packed with over 45 realistic sounds to help you escape from prolonged calls. Killer bee attack, being pulled over, weak signal, government wire-taps.. Fake-An-Excuse will get you off the phone in no time!

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Here’s how to best use Fake-An-Excuse:

On non iPhone calls: Simply select the excuse sound you want to play, hold your iPod Touch or iPhone near the receiver, hit the Start Excuse button and your excuse begins!

On iPhone calls: Right after dialing, or when you finally decide you need to Fake-An-Excuse, put the call on speakerphone. Hit the iPhone’s Home button to bring you to the iPhone’s main application list. Load Fake-An-Excuse and select the excuse you want to play, and hit Play Excuse.

Here are some of the excuses this application will help you make. You can also record your own if there’s something we missed!

The signal is breaking up…
Someone’s here (knocking)..
Someone’s here (doorbell)..
Bees!! They are everywhere!!!!
Call waiting beep
I’m being pulled over…. (siren)
I just broke something!
I hit a mailbox with my car!
I’m in a busy hospital…
Going in an elevator…
Something just blew up!
I’m driving..
There’s a mean dog here..
Must keep eye on kids..
Hackers have taken over my phone!!
The baby is crying…
I just spilled my soda..
I’m at a restaurant..
There’s the bell..
The toilet is clogged.
Someone is vacuuming.
Wolves are nearby.
I need to help this lady!
I’m grilling out..
Some water pipe just broke!!
I’m at work still (office)
My work phone is ringing.
I’m at work still (factory)
Someone is wire-tapping us!
Emergency Broadcast signal
A car almost hit me
My ride is here..
It’s stormy outside.. better go..
I just won the jackpot!
The cat wants food
I’m real busy typing..
I’m having gas problems..
I need to go to the bathroom.. now!
The ice cream truck is here!
A riot is about to break out..
I’m at the gym playing ball.
I’m at a football game..
I’m at a basketball game..
The baseball game is starting.
I’m eating..
The smoke detector!!
Operator has disconnected..
A woman is here
A man is here
Wife is calling
Husband is calling

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– Make sure you have the caller on speaker when you use Fake-An-Excuse from an iPhone — otherwise the caller will not be able to hear the sounds clearly.

– Use the ‘Configure Sound List’ button to configure the excuse list. Items that have a checkmark in the configure sound screen will be displayed on the main picker wheel. Tap an item to check/uncheck it.

– If you have the Repeat switch on, the currently selected excuse will start when all sounds are finished. This means you can start playing the Elevator excuse sound with Repeat set to On, and then switch to the Loosing Signal excuse sound and it will play when the Elevator sound is completed, helping you pull of an even smoother escape.

– Commit fully to your excuse! If they say, “What?”, or ask other questions, just hang up and attend to the ‘pressing issue’ at hand…

– Don’t let your significant other see this application installed on your iPhone!

Help make Fake-An-Excuse better! Let us know what you’d like in the next update at excelltechmobile@gmail.com

Download Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* Apk for Android

If you wanna Download the latest version of of this mobile application then you can Follow the all procedure that I am Going to explain in this Yet another blog post.

Follow the process Step by step below

  1. Visit Google play store by using your Android Smartphone to Download Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App for Android.
  2. In case Google play store didn’t works well in your phone then you can try out the alternative Apk Downloading websites like ApkMirror, Apk4Fun, 9apps and lots more.
  3. If you don’t wants to download it from play store then you can use Apk Downloader to Download Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* Apk.
  4. Install the latest version for Android and Enjoy.
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Download Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* iOS App

This application is also available to download on the iOS devices too. In case you are using any of Apple devices then you have to Follow this Procedure to Install it in Your iOS powered device.

  1. Download Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App for iOS simply by visiting the Apple’s App store mobile application.
  2. Here is the Download now link. Once you click on this Hyperlink then you can Visit the Download now page of Apple’s iTunes store.
  3. Tap on Install button to download the Latest 1.02 version from the Itunes.
  4. Finish the installation, Done the Appropriate action and Open it.

Troubleshooting Steps

In case Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App not working in Your device or You are facing any kind of temporarily or Permanent error then you can Follow the all troubleshooting steps that i’ll mention below in this Article.

  • First Tap & Hold this apps icon in your Mobile phone.
  • Drag it to App info option and Once you will see all of the option then tap on Storage option.
  • Now  clear the data and Clear the Cache.
  • If the problem, Not working error or Bug still exist then you can Contact Excelltech Inc. on their official website http://www.excelltechmobile.com.
  • You will find the Contact details on Contact us page or Help pages.

So that’s my Honest, Complete review of Fake-An-Excuse: Hangup Now! *FREE* App.

This is available to Download for Both Android & iOS operating system. In case you need any kind of assistant then You can use the Comment form for asking any kind of Question.