Google allo app is ready to Compete with Messenger & Whatsapp

Finally Google’s most awaited chatting Google Allo app is Out now with Impressing feature and amazing interface . Its Just launch and crossed the 10000 installs in android mobile phones . Now its available in officially Google play store  .

Well there is Multiple options that Found in this app but the most amazing feature is the The assistant which is Inbuilt in it . You can ask him any question and they will answers you without taking too much time.

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Google Allo Smartest android messenger app that I ever tried You can take a Look at this Video where i ask some Question to google assistant and its answers all of my Question without taking any Time.

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Cool Isn’t it , It have much more Features that you can read below

Google allo app

Others features of Google Allo app
  1. It is Smart Messaging app where you can Connects with your freinds . Here is no need to create any Separate account to use this app , its use Your mobile number just like WhatsApp.
  2. Smart reply feature is one of my Favorite option . It will collect your Messaging your Chatting habits and answer according to It when you don’t want to touch your mobile phone.
  3. Google assistant will assist you and answer all of your Question quickly. It can Order food , book Movies tickets , play music and some other thing for you . You just have to type for it.
  4.  You can turn on the Incognito mode on which once it on then your Chatting history won’t be Saved .
  5. Users can change the Size of font easily which is not available in any other Messaging app till the date .
  6. Beautiful emoji’s to explains your Felling easily .
  7. Comes with Beautiful and Cool Stickers Stickers in Google Allo are designed by independent artists and studios from around the world.

You can Download it from Google play store any time using your Android smartphone.

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