Google Allo chat App – 5 reasons that Explains why should you Download it

The search Engine giant Who recently update their video calling app Duo now also Uncover their new messaging application Google Allo chat app for android mobile Phones.

Here i am going to Explains why Should you download this in you Smart phone even if you have WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger installed in your Device

 Reasons why Google Allo chat app is Must have in your Android mobile

Supports google assistant ⇒  Imagine someone ask you A question on the Time of Chatting , which you Don’t know . Its a Solution for this Problem. You can search for any question, information & many more thing without the living Your Conversation  without having to leave your conversation. Its all because its supports google assistant which comes pre-built in android devices .

Google allo chat app for android

Smart Reply feature ⇒ Do you know you can Reply the messages even if you not type A single word ! Sound unbelievable but its True. The Smart reply learns the all things from the user who use it . It can also sends the Images & stickers to other persons whenever need.

Incognito mode ⇒  Well everyone knows about the Incognito mode , where History will not be saved . But the the First time now it comes in a messaging app . It has Simple mean If you turn on the Incognito mode in Allo app then the MESSAGES will not be Shaved.

Cool & fancy Stickers  ⇒  Stickers an Emoji’s is the First thing that i always look in any online chatting platform . Trust me they have amazing Fancy stickers which is  designed by independent artists and studios from around the world.

Whisper Shout  ⇒   Just Shout and your Message is typed amazing feature Isn’t it . Well now you don’t need to use Your hand on Mobile screen to Type and send . Just speak the words that you want t write.

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Google Allo app is ready to Compete with WhatsApp & Messanger.


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