How to download Google Assistant app in any android mobile phone

Google assistant app is still not available for every android mobile phone users . Its an advanced mobile application which works like IOS Siri app . It will answer all of your Question , operate your mobile just by voice and text commands . But here i will Going to share a trick that helps you to download it in android Smartphone.

Google assistant app

According to Wikipedia its an Intelligent personal assistant which is developed by google inc. It is Specially designed for android mobile users and currently available as Extension of Google now.

here is how Google Defines it –

The assistant is conversational – an ongoing two-way dialogue between you and Google that understands your world and helps you get things done. It makes it easy to buy movie tickets while on the go, to find that perfect restaurant for your family to grab a quick bite before the movie starts, and then help you navigate to the theater.

You can buy Movie tickets without doing anything you just have To give a command to your virtual assistant and they will done the all works for you.

Here is some other thing that Google assistant Can do
  1. It will call to your Friends just you have to Give a command in text or by voice.
  2. Turn on /turn off the Bluetooth , Wifi , torch  , Mobile data , Music.
  3. It will Type a Text message for you.
  4. Search anything on Google .
  5. Order the food online Easily .
  6. Answer all your queries and question .
  7. Set a reminder and Alarm .
  8. And so on…
So how can i Download Google assistant app ?

This app is Currently available for Google pixel Mobile phones users but You can still use it by Applying a Simple hack . To do this First Your Android phone should be Rooted and Run on latest Android nougat version. Just follow the Steps that i mention below

  • First make sure that You are using the Latest version of Google App in your Mobile phone .You also need the turn on the Google now feature.
  • Now You to root Your mobile phone if you are already Root your Device then skip this Step.
  • Find the build.prop . You will find this File under the System folder.
  • Once you open the File now You have to Make Two changes that i mention below

ro.product.model=Pixel XL


  • Save this file and Reboot your Smartphone .
  • When the Mobile is Turn on Long Press the Home button . Now You can use this Advance Feature . You not have to download any other app.

Also Read

Android /IOS users can also Use this feature by downloading the Google allo app . However its not a Full version .It is almost Works like Google now where you just have to say Ok google to Give voice commands to your Android phone , but its provides little bit Extra features.

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