Google Drive Desktop App is Going to shutdown soon for all


Google Drive is world’s most used file sharing and file saving system that is used by almost every Google account user whether it from their mobile phone, desktop application or website. But from the past few years The desktop application of Drive Becomes less useful for all desktop users. Its lost its charm and its used for only Synchronize the files from offline to online use. So that’s why developers of Google finally decided to Shut down the Google Drive Desktop App. Soon from this year December it won’t be receive any update and from march next year it will be shutdown completely.

Google Drive Desktop App to shutdown but it doesn’t mean that we can’t use Google drive app for Desktop. However the We can access the drive online from our computer browsers but Developers also working to create an alternative application which will replace its current desktop app in near future. But the new desktop app will comes with few restrictions like it will not available for normal users, New google drive desktop app will be launch only for G Suite users.

Why Google Drive Desktop App shutdown?

Google Drive App for Desktop did not works like any standalone application that we  used in Android smartphone. It is just a Combination of few files and shortcut. It comes with 3 Shortcut including Google docs, Google sheets and finally online file hosting Platform Google drive.

After installing this desktop software it will automatically creates shortcuts for Drive, Docs and Sheets in our computer. We can access any of these items in our Chrome browser by clicking in. Additionally also need to install the Chrome browser extension for all 3 Service if we want to open them.

In General terms the Google Drive Desktop App Did not add any real value for users. If we wants to use Drive, Google docs, Google sheets offline then installing Chrome app from Chrome web store is Enough.


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