Google Feed is updated with Hindi support for Indian users


Google always brings something new for all of us That’s why Google is far ahead from any other search engine in terms of user experience performance and Accessibility. We all know about the latest feature Google Feed but now for all indian customers they launched an upgraded feature of Feed. Now the user can also Receive the Google feeds in Hindi too. Unlike previous version of Google search app for Android this Current latest Version have Option to change your Feed language. After changing the Feed language you will be able to see all of the Feeds in Your search homepage in Hindi.

The new updated Google Feed also brings few numerous others option like Personalized Feeds. Till now we can see only those feeds which site we visit but after the recent update we are able to tell Google which Topics we like. Which types of update, News we wants to receive on our phone.

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Now Google app gives as power to follow the latest movies, our favorite sports teams, your favorite brands, celebrities, Games, Software, Singers, Actors and much more other things. Even you can also receive location based cards to Get the all Local news on phone.

According to Google after following any topic users will be also Able to unfollowed any topic which they want from the feed. Google will show the personalized feeds According to the interaction, Interest of user. It will also shows you the all trading topics will also be visible according to the choice of users. So basically it means now we did not have depend on any other third party applications to get the latest update in Real time.

Even we can Get the personalized feeds in our mobile phone in our own language Hindi and English (Indian Version) Depends of which you Prefer.