Google Tez App Vs Paytm App : Which one will win the War


Yesterday Google launched its one of the most anticipated project in India Google Tez up this app is considered as the alternative of most popular Wallet application Paytm however after launching this mobile application one thing that comes in everyone’s mind that which one is more better or which one is best for initiating the transaction online. So that’s why we are here, in this post I am going to show you the honest comparison between the two most popular Wallet application of India the Google Tez app vs Paytm app.

Google Tez App is launched as the Mobile wallet. This app will Provide a way to transfer money online from one account to another account in easiest way. its works on upi payment system so it means this application simplify the Payment procedure for transfer and receiving money. you just have to link your bank account and once the linkage is complete then you can transfer money in any account easily. you can also request money from another user for your services or any other terms. This application allows us to pay money on any Shop, Cab or any other user.

But what will happen when we compare this newly launched mobile application with the most popular wallet app Paytm. In this post we are going to be compare both of application. In this Google page app vs Paytm app comparison you will going to see which application better In terms of User experience and Features.

Google Tez App Vs Paytm App

Features Paytm Google Tez
Recharge Feature Yes No
Transfer Money Yes Yes
Request Money Yes Yes
Bill payment Yes No
Supports UPI No Yes
Security Good Better
Wallet option Yes No
Ui Good Simple
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As you can see in this Table both application is Very different in their own terms. However you can’t Initiate the Mobile recharge & Bill payment, Movie ticket booking directly from Google Tez but as per announcement it will be added soon. Currently Paytm is better then Tez if you want a Application which is Feature reach but if you want to just send and Receive payment then You can Consider tez app.

So that’s the Complete comparison between Google Tez App Vs Paytm App.