Google Translate app launched the offline mode for Indian languages


Google Translator is the most popular and Widely used online Translation tool that helps us to Translate any word or Sentence from on language to another. Till now we can only download the Indian English as offline translation mode but from now almost all major Indian languages is available to download as offline translation mode. It means if you are Tamil, Telugu, Bengali or any other regional language speaking person then you don’t even need to connect internet to Translate any text, Audio and Visual from another language to own language. Users just need to Install the language pack first then they are ready to use Google translate app offline.

In the recent update developers added the conversation mode feature for almost all indian languages. For Example you are Tamil speaking person and You need to talk with Gujarati then you simply have to turn on the Conversation mode in This mobile application. It will simply provide the translation of Dictation in your own language. Now after the recent update where Google added the Offline Translation mode for all Indian languages it is more is then ever before. Now you don’t even need to connect with internet to use this perfect tool in your Android Smartphone. Even in case of A bilingual conversation with someone this works perfectly like charm.

How to use Google Translation offline mode for Indian languages?

Wants to use this Mobile application for Translating words?

If yes then Let’s get started.

  1. First you have to download the Latest version of Google translate App from Google play store, iOS App store or windows Store.
  2. Open the app after Installation and head over to download the offline Package of languages that you need. In my case i first Download English (Indian) and Hindi offline Translation packages.
  3. If you need to Get translation from another language then you can Free to download as per your choice. Almost all indian language is available now.


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