How to Customize cards in your Google Feed {Complete Guide}


I think you all aware of Google Feed. Now Google starting to show news feeds in search app where we can see and customise the news that we want to read. Google gives us power to customise the Google Feed by using customised cards. It depend on you which type of information look on the Internet most and according to your such behaviour you will be able to see the latest news and information. This all news and information will be based on your search interest and search history.

Apart from search history Google also look in your Gmail inbox for the topic where you have any interest. This is the complete automatic process which is done by Google boat. After analysing your search we have your Google will likely to show the topics and the news feed according to your interest.

But most of time we want to customise the Google cards to see only those feeds that we want to add manually. So you are one of them so if you are one of them who don’t like automatic realtime feed then you can instruct Google what to show.

Here you will read how to Customize cards in Google Feed.

Customize Google feeds Cards

To start the customization first we have to make sure that Web & Activity tracking is on. To check it first go to setting then account and privacy, Google activity controls, web and app activity and turn it on.

If it’s already on then you are ready to start.

Follow the steps bellow.

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Search for your Interest on Google. For example if you are interested in Politics then search it using google.
  3. You will see a Card on tap just tap Follow add.

So that’s how the customization of Google cards works. This Guide will surely helps you to Customize cards in your Google Feed.


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