How to Transfer PhonePe Cashback into the Bank Account


Phone is one of the most used online virtual wallet application.This android app is launched by the Ecommerce giant Flipkart.Com.After the official launching this wallet already covered most of Flipkart users. We can earn money in form of CashBack, the CashBack can be used for online shopping but do you we can also transfer PhonePe wallet cash to Bank account.After transfer money to bank account we can withdraw money as real cash. Thats all is now possible.

But if you thinking how? How can you transfer the PhonePe wallet app CashBack to bank account, then you don’t have to worry becouse its very simple process to follow for convert wallet credit to real cash.

To find out the whole just scroll down below, Follow the steps and i am damon sure that it will not takes more then 5 minute of your life.

Transfer PhonePe Cashback into the Bank Account?

Here first we have to Link PhonePe Wallet With Flipkart account to do so, Follow the each and every single step below.

Stage-1: Link PhonePe & Flipkart

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser in your Computer or Mobile phone and then Visit from it.
  2. Log in to your own flipkart online shopping account.
  3. After succefully login open my account section and navigate to my wallet.
  4. Here we need to activate PhonePe wallet by clicking on Activate now button.
  5. Make sure that The email address that you used in App and Flipkart account should be same.

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If you already collected CashBack then its time to Get it in our bank account for this we have to follow stage number 2.

Stage-2: Convert wallet cash to real money

Now for this task we need Flipkart app, alternatively it can be also done by Flipkart desktop site but if your are using mobile phone instead of Computer then its better idea to download Flipkart mobile app.

  1. Install Flipkart app in your smartphone if you haven’t already.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Go to shopping page and select any product. Just make sure that the product price should me more then your phonepe wallet balance.
  4. Purchase the product using phonepe account pay the rest of amount using net banking.
  5. Wait atleast for 15 minutes and after the 15 minutes cancel your order.
    Once your order will be cancel then they will start the refund process to transfer all of your money to your bank account including PhonePe CashBack credits.

That’s how its works, now i think all things is cleared for you now.


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