How to Use Tinder Without Facebook? 2 perfectly 100% working tricks


When we Signup for first time on tinder it will ask you for Login with Facebook. If you are one of them who wants to find the Answer of questions like How to Use Tinder Without Facebook Login and How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Account. Well Tinder app is the Post popular online dating app in India, This application already create hype among all youngsters. This app track our location (With the Help of GPS tracking systems) and show us the Perfect mate near us. Users simply have to just Swipe the profile pictures which is available in this online dating app. This is surely one of the Coolest app which is Available on Google plays store / App store. But most of time it creates trouble for their own users.

In this world where everything is now online the Privacy always matters. For example you you loves to eating Ice-cream but you don’t want to show the World that Ice-Cream is your favorite desert. Tinder is surely cool app for online dating but in the starting it ask you to Login by using your Facebook account.

Use Tinder Without Facebook Account

Once you logged on Tinder using Fb then there is chances that there most of information will be Leaked online or It will be available on Tinder user profile page. If you are Curious about linking Facebook – Tinder account, Then you are right place to start. If you are still wondering that Is it possible to use Tinder without Facebook? then here in this article i’ll try to answer this kind of question. I’ll also show you how to solve this issue just by navigating to privacy setting in Mobile app.

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Use Tinder without Facebook is not possible directly because developers of this app makes it necessary for login. But here i have few ways that helps you to make safe privacy.  Here in this post i am Going to show you alternatives for how to use Tinder without Facebook.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

Tinder without Facebook Login actually not works but still we have to choice to make most of our information stay away from unauthorized users. Here i am Going to discuss how can any individual can protect their privacy after Login on Tinder with Facebook account.

Well to avoid your most of details to be shared on tinder we can navigate Facebook App Privacy Setting. Facebook privacy setting according to me is the perfect online tool that helps users to safeguard their personal information, Photos, Interest to be shared on any other website & Mobile app including Tinder. Below is the whole process to block any app access or limit the app access to your Facebook profile.

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Use Tinder Without Facebook by FB Privacy Setting

  1. To reach Facebook App privacy setting first we have to Login in our  you need to open Facebook and Login with your ID.
  2. Head over the profile page in profile section you will find option which is labeled as setting. Click on setting option link.
  3. On setting page Go to privacy setting & navigate to app section.
  4. In app App section we have to check the all list of available/Linked apps to Facebook.
  5. Look for Tinder app & Under the visibility set only me.

Once you set Visibility Only me then no one can access your personal information on this app. But please note that this will only works when you First signup using Facebook account.

Login Tinder Without Facebook By Tinder Settings

In this section in simple words i’ll show you How to Use Tinder Without Facebook or Without login in Facebook account. But technically you have to Logged in using FB then this process will works for you. Just like first trick for How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Account this hack is also simple and the whole process will be initiated within 2 minutes. You just have to follow the all steps that i mention below.

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Follow the steps for Tinder setting that i point out below.

  1. First at all we have to Open Tinder app in our Android/iOS powered smartphone.
  2. Login with Facebook for first time if you already logged in then just avoid this step.
  3. Head over account settings in Tinder
  4. Turn off Show me on Tinder Social option. It will stops you to showing Tinder Social option which used Facebook interest & Your FB friends list to show you result.

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Hope this Guide will helps you to Use Tinder Without Facebook Account . I have another suggestion you can Create new Facebook account with not much information of You. You can try any trick that i mention here to keep safe your Facebook account. Browse Tinder anomalously without Friends knowing without the Knowledge of Facebook friends.

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