Instant app : How to use or install on your android phone


Instant app :- Google had announced something called “instant Apps” for Android at last year’s. After a year, that Instant Apps are now available for all developers to use. instant app is a new feature of google. Instant Apps allow you to access a cloud-based version of the app on your Android phone without installing from Play Store. Means you can use any app on your android without installing from the Play Store. 

What Is Instant app –

Instant app is a latest feature of google play store. The Instant Apps feature for Android will allow users to download and run apps on their smartphones and tablets without through the full installation process. Now Android users experience the app by applying any app without installing any app like what you like. Instant Apps are now available for all developers to use.

How To use Instant app on android device –

  1. First of all, On your android device, perform a Google search for one of the supported applications .
  2. Now select Select the app listing that includes the word Instant.
  3. Now click on open app.
  4. Once the Instant App loads up, Now you can use it just like you would with any other app that’s been downloaded via the Google Play Store.
  5. Now you can access your account.

How to install Instant app through Google Play Store –

  • First of all, Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Now Search the Instant apps or click here.
  • Now select Instant app and click on install button.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Now you can access your account and use the app.

How to install Instant App from the Instant Apps menu –

  • First of all, open the Settings app on your device.
  • Now Go to google and select Instant app.
  • Now select any a app and click on install.
  • Tab Install button.
  • Now Follow the onscreen instructions to install the app on your device.

Instant App Feature –

  1. apps have at least one feature : under this app, you can find a location on a map, send an email, or read the daily news as examples.
  2. Android Instant Apps provide a new and unique way for developers to build apps and for users to consume apps.
  3. With Android Instant Apps, users can use a single feature of an app without having to install the app with all its other features.
  4. from instant apps, Users can get to your Android experience from any URL—including search, social media, messaging, and other deep links—without needing to install your app first.

Enable device for Instant apps –

But Android Instant Apps supports the latest Android devices from Android 6.0 through Android O. And will be support in more devices and countries soon.

How to Enable Instant Apps

  1. First of all, Go to setting on your android phone.
  2. Now click on google.
  3. Tab Instant App.
  4. Now just click on the “Yes, I’m in” button to get finish up.




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