Reliance Jio Cab : Reliance is now ready to take Online taxi Booking service industry


Online taxi booking companies like Uber, Ola is now under the threat because the most Successful businessmen Mukesh ambani is thinking to Launch their own online taxi booking Service Jio Cab app soon.

Reliance Jio After releasing, it crazed the online users of India. Jio beat each of the telecom operators using contacting solutions and their free 4G internet services. We’d also heard a different rumour about Jio DTH Support too. However, this time, it is maybe not a rumor, It’s completely correct.

This time Reliance is attempting to defeat cab solutions that are most well-known like Uber and Ola. Uber and Ola cabs can be also replaced by people with Reliance Cabs solutions that are new. Because just Jio Free Offers, here R-IL is charging a price per kilometre than Uber and Ola cabs.

There is no doubt Mukesh amabani has planning to Make Jio 4G to the biggest telecommunication company of India. but Who ever think that he is also planning to take over other industries as well, Yes its not a rumor. Its complete truth in near future Rjil is Going to launch Mobile app based Jio cab service for almost all major cities of India.

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Jio Cab app

We all know about Jio 4G sim card, We all know about Jio Prime, We all know about JioFi device, I bet no one knows about Jio Cab app.

Its upcoming Jio Taxi booking online service which is yet to be launch. According to our expectation may be before Jun 2017 . Well it will be a unique combination let’s imagine Reliance has their own Cars which works on their own CNG (To who who didn’t know Reliance also own Reliance Gas ; for CNG And other gases) and customer can Book a ride with LYF mobile phone with Jio 4G internet by using Reliance Jio taxi booking app.

How much Reliance Jio Cab cost?

On current scenario the average cost on CNG powered taxis cost Rs 4/km for fuel, It can be much lower once Mukesh ambani will launch their own Taxi service which will be powered by Reliance CNG. We can’t say How much money they will charge for per Kilometer but we are sure for one thing, It will be much lower then the charge that other companies is charging currently.

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Is Jio Cab will be better then Ola, Uber & others ?

Can’t say they will provide better service then other online Taxi Booking apps/Services/Companies like OLA, Uber, Meru, Book My cab, Tab Cab, Savaari, Jugnoo and other biggest players on same Field. But here i am Damn sure about one thing that Jio will surely offers Rides at much lower cost then other Companies.

In upcoming months Reliance will works to Create new CNG gas stations all over the India, It will helps to Quikely refill fuel and reduce the cost and provide rides on much cheaper price as compare to others.