How to Use 2G, 3G & 4G Mobile to call without Jio sim card {Using JioFi}

Do you know Anyone can make free Voice calls from their 4G, 2G, 3G phones without inserting Jio sim card in Mobile.

In India Reliance Jio is First mobile phone Operator company that offers unlimited free Voice calling, 4G internet. This task can be done by a simple trick . You need to connect a Jio Wifi hotspot once you can connected then you can calls anyone in indie without paying any amount .

Use jio in 2g & 3g phones to make calls

By using this tricks more then 1 user can place calls at a time . If you are wondering how it works , then you just need to Follow this guide . I am 100% sure after reading this article You can easily use Jio to making calls from Your 2G & 3G android smartphones.

How to Make calls from Jio without Jio Sim card

  1. First you have to Connect JioFi hotspot from Your android Smartphone.
  2. Once you successfully connected then Go to Google play store and Download the MyJio app and Jio4G voice app.
  3. Now open the official jio app navigate to login page , Click on skip sign in option which will appear in bottom .
  4. Apply the same process with Jio4GVoice app .
  5. Launch again the Jio4GVoice Dial pad and Dial the number where you want to make calls.

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Remember You can make Voice calls until you connected to WiFi, Once the WiFi will be disconnect then you can’t be able to make calls without Jio Sim card.

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