Puri Jagan’s Lapaki app isn’t just an Imagination You can download its Apk


At UK, there are few programs such as ‘AdultWork’ where you may hire call-girls and authorities are currently tracking prostitutes and splitting them down from the usage of same program. Puri Jagan has completed his research to introduce such innovative stuff. He introduce to Lapaki app in his film.

In films like ‘Heart Attack’ we’ve seen Puri Jagan using this ‘CraigsList’ site and its own program. His hero finds projects through this program only. Even in most recent release, Puri gave a comic touch using a program named ‘Lapaki’. Some viewers are believing that Puri made this fake program only to perform fun, however there are such programs in fact also. Director Puri Jagan’s penchant for technology and gadgets is known to everybody. Even in his movies that he boasts knowledge about those tech-gadgets a whole lot.

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Download Lapaki app for android

Lapaki app is just an imagination of director but in Other countries this kind of mobile application exist that offers same kind of service. Users just have to Download App for Android/iOS/Mobile phone. Once they successfully install the app then can be used for their own personal uses, You know for what.

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Last year an Rendevu app for mobile is launched which offers this kind of services to clients just like the UBER offer taxis. Rendevu app is available in only in some parts of Australia and according to our expectations they have no intention to launch this in India.

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This kind of mobile application/services is banned in most of Asian/european countries including India. So there is no way to download this kind of mobile application from the official app store/ Google play store and Windows app store. There is many third party adu*t site that claim to offer Lapaki Apk kind of services but i recommend you to stay away from that for your own safety.

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