Mobile Number & Aadhaar Linkage is mandatory before February 2018


In the starting off year 2017 honorable supreme court of India in the recent order said to all indian Telecom network provider that the Mobile number and Aadhaar linking is mandatory.  If sim card owner can’t link their sim card with the Aadhaar card then the numbers will be terminated after February 2018.

Basically its means Your Mobile number and Aadhaar card link is very important otherwise your mobile number will deactivated and it can’t be activated again after the fix time period.

According to the orders of Supreme Court passed each and every users must be complete the eKYC verification for Aadhaar mobile linkage. If its not proceed in any case then there is chances that the unlink numbers will be terminate.

This judgement will likely to to do unlink phones to be deactivated after February next year. it means all those who are not have Aadhaar Card will not be able to carry out the sim card in India.

So what to do next

Its simple if you already have Aadhaar Card then you can link your Aadhaar number with a mobile number is by visiting the nearest customer retailers store and asking for linking your Aaadhar number with mobile number. Once it done they you don’t have to worry yoour number will be safe.

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In the statement Supreme Court also point out that the Biometric details which is collected under eKYC verification should be directly send to UIDAI. Any telecom company can’t store & use this data for their company or Personal use. If they do then this will be falls under criminal offence punishable with up to three years of imprisonment under the Aadhaar Act 2016.

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So what’s you think Did you done the Aadhaar and Mobile number linkage. Did you have any Question? You can ask in Comment section.


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