Nokia Camera app make appearance on the Play Store


Most of Mobile companies including Samsung, apple is now also start launching their own mobile application. Specially after the announcement of Samsung’s own Voice assistant app the other strong Rival companies also start working on their Mobile apps. No doubt with the series of launching new android Mobile phones, Nokia has aim to take over the Mobile phone again. In recent update they launches Nokia Camera app which is available to download from Google play store for Android powered smartphones.

From the very long time the Most popular mobile manufactures already start updating their Mobile application out of their mobile phone, Like on app store and Google’s play store. So users now can access, Download, Update the particular app without waiting for whole system update. Now the Nokia Camera app for Android is available for download to users you can install in your device by using Google play store to download right now.

Camera app by nokia is one of the mos beautiful camera application and Yet its the Default camera app for nokia users. Its accepted that its has some cool and unique features and by day to day updating developers start by fixing bugs and Updating new feature in this mobile application But still we miss some important features that available in other Mobile phones.

For Example this app not have the panorama mode like on the Google Camera, Most of think is not available but the Developers gives assurance that they are working to make it more smarter then any other Camera application.

As its expected, This application is available to download for Only Nokia Android smartphone users. If you are using any other companies handset then you won’t be able to install it your device.

You Download Nokia Camera app on the Play Store. But its only available for Nokia devices which runs on Android operating System.


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