Nokia Edge is just a Concept , Nokia will not Launch this phone in 2017

Everyone know that Nokia Company is going to Launch their brand new mobile phone in Upcoming year 2017. But no one knows Which phone they are going to Release . That’s why We heard lot’s of rumors everyday about Nokia Edge , Express music Nx , Nokia pixel . But let’s me tale you the truth behind These rumors .

Nokia Edge 2017 Hoax

Till now Nokia company isn’t made any Official announcement  about their upcoming mobile phones . Even they didn’t announce that They are going to lounch a Android mobile phone . Maybe they will Manufacture the Nokia D1c , C9 In upcoming years But You should have to know that Nokia Edge , Nokia ExpressMusic Nx & Nokia pixel is just a Rumor .

So where the Nokia edge & Express-music Rumors come  ?

First Let’s me tale you about the Nokia Edge 2017 model . The photos of This Rumored smartphone was first Appears on ConceptPhone website which writes if nokia will Create their upcoming Mobile phone Like this then it will looks awesome.This Concepts is actually taken from Samsung 7 edge (Edge to Edge screen).

Concept phone also Shared the the Concept of apple Iphone 8 and dozens of other Upcoming mobile phones .

Later another Website has Update the same articles where he Mention that This Concept looks So beautiful . But then Next some Websites start uploading its Features , Nokia edge Specification , First look , Even price (which is Completely false).

Even Some Coupons and cashback site also Published the articles about How to Buy nokia Edge from Flipkart , amazon & Snapdeal .

Lets me Clear this thing that Nokia will not going to Launch Nokia Edge Mobile phone in Upcoming years . They are not working on this phone. It just concept about how should be their next mobile phone.

I know Nokia corporation is working on their First android mobile Phone with Hmd Global & Foxconn . It is Expected that They will Reveal the First Nokia Android powered mobile phone next year.

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