Nokia’s first mobile phone with HMd global is launch and its not what we expect

The First nokia Mobile phone in Upcoming year 2017 will be Nokia 150 Featured phone . Nokia phone is finally launch its first mobile phone with HMd global . But if you are thinking that it will be works on Android operating system then you are wrong .

It will not comes with the Touchscreen its a Featured phone with the Keypad Buttons which will works on Series 30 os . They Reveals its Two version Nokia 150 & Nokia 150 dual sim . First one is Single & second one is Dual sim phone .

Both will works comes with VGA Camera with Led flash lite , 2.4 inch QVGA screen and the Most important it have 22 hours battery backup (If you Continuously used ) .

As we all know that Long Battery backup is Specialty of nokia Mobile phones .

As per official announcement Both phones will be available from January 2017 at the Affordable price 26 US dollar only .

Why They didn’t Launch Touchscreen android Smartphone ?

Are you thinking that what will Happen with Nokia D1c , Nokia Edge or Nokia pixel , Will company will launch the High end or Android mobile phone in upcoming Years Then you are not alone .

As per our Expectations Nokia’s first mobile phone with Hmd Global will be D1c But they Launch this Keypad phone which barely Cost you 1700 rs in India.

But It’s doesn’t mean that they will not Launch the Nokia android Smartphones in next year .

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As we all know in Current Scenario nokia is Selling only the Featured phones & Lumia Mobile phones . So they just want to Secure their position in the Featured phone Market . After that Maybe as per their announcement they will return in Smartphone market in Year 2016.

What’s you think Is launching  Nokia 150 & Nokia 150 Dual sim Keypad phones is Good steps or Should they Launch the Touchscreen Smartphones first .

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