Picblock for android download, Install and its alternatives apps


Picblock for android download : Picblock is the best mobile application that helps to Block pornographic material inducing images, Adult email messages. Its widely used software for all windows desktop and laptop users. This is perfect solution for the parent who wants to keep their children’s away from such kind of things. Users just have to install this software in Computer, once its properly install then it will automatically prevent loading this kind of images.

This application didn’t use any kind of keywords filters so its not 100% trust able but unlike any other application this software is use the facial recognition algorithm that helps it differentiate between pornographic materials and safe images. There is also chances that it can be block a safe image by mistake. In that case parent users (Administrator) can unblock that image which is secure.

Not only for images its also comes with some customization options. Its already have a complete list of those website where it will use these safety filters. We can manually block an website by entering the domain name in it plus we can also remove any website name from the blacklist.

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It have 3 levels strict, Normal or wild and depends on you and the site where you planning visit. Not only the images this software helps keeps you and your children safe from unwanted mature material, such as pop-up ads, spam emails and other kind of Internet pornography.

Picblock for android download

You can’t Picblock for android download or Download Picblock for android from Google play store because this Software is available for only desktop users. It isn’t release for Android smartphone. However there is lots of alternative apps available like Porn Blocker, SPIN Safe Browser, SecureTeen Parental Control etc to get same results.