Reactivate, Deactivated, Deleted or Inactive Groww Account

Groww is a leading Indian investment platform known for its user-friendly interface and range of investment options. However, there might be instances where your Groww account unexpectedly gets deactivated.

Don’t panic! This guide will explain the potential reasons for deactivation and walk you through the simple steps to reactivate Groww Account.

Why Groww Deactivates Accounts?

Before diving into the reactivation process, let’s understand why Groww might deactivate accounts:

  • Account Closure Request: Perhaps you previously requested to close your Groww account. If you’ve changed your mind, you’ll need to contact support for reactivation.
  • Incomplete or Incorrect KYC: The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is mandatory for all Indian trading accounts. Errors or incomplete KYC information could lead to deactivation.
  • Policy Violations: Groww takes account security and compliance seriously. Activities that violate their terms of service might trigger account deactivation.
  • Instructions from SEBI or Government: This is very rare, but it does happen. If SEBI suspects that you are involved in some kind of illegal trading activity, they may instruct your broker to suspend your account. Following this guide won’t help you in this case.

How to Reactivate Your Groww Account

Here’s the straightforward process to reactivate your account:

  1. Contact Groww Support: Reach out to Groww’s customer support team. Utilize these methods:
    • Support Ticket: Find the “Help & Support” section within the Groww app or website, and submit a detailed ticket.
    • Email: Email [email protected], including your registered email and a brief explanation of the deactivation.
  2. Information Exchange: Be prepared to provide Groww support with:
    • Reason for Deactivation: Indicate if you know the cause.
    • Verification Documents: Proof of identity and address may be required. So keep your PAN Card and Aadhaar card with you.
  3. Follow Instructions: Groww’s team will guide you through specific steps or address any requirements to reinstate your account.

So overall Reactivating a deactivated Groww account isn’t usually a hassle-free process. But support team always guide on the way, specially if your account is deactivate by mistake or similar reasons

By swiftly contacting Groww support and cooperating with their requests, you should be able to resume your investment journey in no time. Remember, before permanently closing your account, always ensure the transfer of funds and holdings to avoid complications.

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