Why Reddit Chat not Working and How to Fix it!

Imagine this: you’ve joined a fascinating discussion on your favourite subreddit, ready to share your insights and connect with like-minded folks. But just as you hit send on that perfectly crafted message, Reddit Chat falters. The conversation stalls, and you’re left wondering, “Why is my Reddit chat not working?”

If you’ve found yourself in this frustrating scenario, don’t worry – this happens.

Reddit Chat, while a fantastic tool for fostering real-time connections within the platform’s communities, can occasionally stumble.

This article will arm you with the knowledge to diagnose those chat related issues on reddit and provide the steps to get you back to conversing in no time.

Potential Reasons Why Reddit Chat Isn’t Working

How to Fix Reddit Chat not working

Before diving into solutions, let’s understand a few reasons why Reddit Chat might misbehave:

  • New Account Limitations: To combat spam and malicious activity, Reddit places some restrictions on brand-new accounts. You might initially find your ability to use the chat function limited. Rest assured, as your account ages and interacts positively within the Reddit ecosystem, these limitations will ease.
  • User Blocks: It’s possible you’ve been blocked by the person you’re trying to chat with. If this is the case, you won’t be able to exchange messages with them.
  • Internet Issues: A weak or unstable internet connection is a common culprit behind many online communication problems, including Reddit Chat woes.
  • Server Outages: Every now and then, Reddit may experience server-side issues that temporarily disrupt certain features, chat included.
  • Outdated Software: Using an old version of the Reddit app or an outdated browser could create compatibility conflicts that interfere with chat functions.
  • Browser Troubles: Sometimes, problematic browser extensions or corrupted cached data can lead to unexpected behavior in various web services, including Reddit Chat.

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Let’s troubleshoot Reddit Chat not working erros

Let’s work through a series of straightforward troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix your Reddit Chat issues.

Internet Check

Double-check that your device is properly connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile network.

Try running a speed test to ensure you have decent connectivity. Consider switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if that makes a difference.

Is Reddit Down?

If your internet works fine, the next thing to check is Reddit’s server status.

Websites like DownDetector (https://downdetector.com/status/reddit/) allow you to see if other users are reporting outages with Reddit’s services.

The Classic Restart

A simple restart of the Reddit app or your web browser can often work wonders.

Give it a go before moving on to more involved steps.

App Updates

Using an outdated version of the Reddit app can be problematic. Head to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), and check if there are any pending updates for Reddit.

Clear Browser Cache (Web Users)

If you use Reddit on your web browser, clearing the cache and cookies can resolve quirks caused by old data.

You’ll find this option in your browser’s settings (instructions vary depending on your browser).

Extension Interference

Temporarily disabling your browser extensions, then re-enabling them one by one may help identify if a specific extension is meddling with Reddit Chat.

Device Swap

Try accessing Reddit Chat on a different computer, phone, or tablet. This tells you if the issue is device-specific or wider.

Log Out, Log Back In

Refreshing your account connection can sometimes clear up unforeseen glitches.

Check With a Different User

Attempt to chat with someone else on Reddit.

If this works, it suggests that the initial problem might be related to the specific user you were originally trying to contact.

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Why is my Reddit chat constantly loading?

This is often caused by a weak internet connection or temporary server-side issues. Check your network strength and try again after a short wait.

I see error messages in Reddit chat, what do I do?

Different error messages have specific meanings. Take a screenshot or note the exact message and search Reddit help forums or online resources for potential solutions.

My Reddit direct messages aren’t sending, why?

The user you’re messaging may have blocked you, or you might be facing an app glitch. Try logging out and back in or consider a fresh install of the Reddit app.

How can I fix when Reddit chat won’t work on my phone?

Ensure you have the latest Reddit app version. Outdated apps can cause problems. Additionally, check your phone’s settings for any permissions that might restrict Reddit Chat.

How do I troubleshoot Reddit chat on Android?

Start with clearing the app’s cache, update the app, and check network connectivity. If problems persist, you can refer to Android-specific online help resources.

My Reddit chat doesn’t work on my iPhone, what now?

Similar to Android, try updating the app and clearing the cache. iOS users should also check their device’s privacy settings to ensure Reddit has the necessary permissions for chat features.


While occasional Reddit Chat not working errors might pop up, chances are they’re temporary and easily remedied. The troubleshooting steps we’ve explored should equip you to handle most problems you encounter.

One of the great things about Reddit is its active and helpful community. If you run into a particularly stubborn Reddit Chat problem, don’t be afraid to search relevant subreddits or post a question – friendly users may have additional tricks or insights to share.

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