Sarahah app is not so privacy friendly as it claims (Hidden truth)


Sarahah is one of those mobile application which got Viral and receives millions of Downloads in a very short time frame. unlike any other social messaging mobile application this app allows users to chat anonymously with anyone with sharing your name and other details. Due to this reason most of us this that this is the most privacy friendly mobile application that never reveal your true identity but.. but the truth is different. I a reality this application is not safe to use; it will export all of contacts to its servers without your permission and you will never know about it.

How Sarahah app spy on you

According to recent published reports of the and intercept this application is not so privacy friendly as it claims to be.

Just a day ago Zachary Julian who is working as A senior security analyst install the Sarahah app in his Android mobile phone, On same time one other application also running which monitor the all flow of data and other things in a Cellphone. Zachary Julian found that something is really wrong with Sarahah which is installed on his Samsung Galaxy S5.

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According to Julian when he closely inspect the data he found that this mobile application was uploading all of his contact information in the form of email IDs and phone numbers to an anonymous servers. He also found that the same thing also happens to iOS users too who are using this application in their phone.

Contact permission is not a new thing because most of and most popular application like Google plus, Google allo, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook messenger also required contact permission as well. However Sarahah never asked for Contact permission while installing, neither this permission is listed.