Shadow fight 2 Special edition is ad Free and comes with unlimited energy


From the past 1 year nekki was working on the latest addition of Shadow series the Shadow fight 3 which is set to release on November 16th this year. Before the latest sequel of this epic one on one Combat game series the Developers is going to give the amazing surprise to all shadows fight series lovers. On 17th august 2017 the developers is going to bring the¬†Shadow fight 2 Special edition. This special edition of Shadow fight 2 will contains some useful features which was can be accessed by paying money only. Now the players can access the Ad free experience with unlimited energy in the standalone premium version. As we all know in the past the Energy was limited and once we used all of the energy bar than it takes 5 minute to fill one energy bar but now there is no limitations on playing this game, Because now energy will never ends. Now also we don’t have to see annoying ads while playing.

Shadow fight 2 premium version features

Now The best fighting series on mobile has going to even more SPECIAL. Here is the features of Upcoming Shadow fight 3 premium stand alone version. you can take a look if you are Huge fan of SF2.

According to the brief description from the publishers site:-

  • Now there is No limitation of energy bar. You can jump into the fray anytime and anywhere you want and its promise your energy will never ends.
  • The premium version also contains the brand new story chapter for you.
  • There is No advertising in the Sf3 premium version, That’s why premium version for.
  • They make Numerous in-game enhancements for example now you can get higher rewards for victories.
  • They will offers you much more gems much more gems then gems then free version.

Whats you Think about Shadow fight 2 Special edition, Stand alone premium version? Did you buy it after its official launching date 17th August 2017? mention your valuable opinions in comments section.


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