Shadow Fight 3 Soft Download : How to install this Game for all Countries


If you are HardCore game specially in terms of Mobile gaming they surely waiting for the most Awaited Action RPG One-on-One Combat game shadow fight 3 which is set to launch this Year. However developers didn’t update the Full game on Android’s Google play store, iOS App store till yet but recently the upload the mini version of this Game which is called Shadow fight 3 Soft for Canadian users only. But they put some other restrictions too. However in this yet another Blog Post i am Going to show you how to Download Shadow Fight 3 soft in any Country on any Supported device.

Shadow Fight 3 Soft

Soft-launching a match before its official international launch has long been a practice employed by programmers to check out a game at a live market that is not quite as big and intimidating as the whole world but also much bigger and enlightening in relation to a beta testing team. Before the official update The developers of this Action game wants to test how Crazy the gamer for this Game, That the main reason they Upload the Soft version of Shadow fight 3.

But once again This decision Disappoint lot’s of Mobile users who wants to Install it on their Mobile phones. Here is the few reasons :

  1. Shadow Fight 3 Soft is available only in Canada, Users from other countries can’t access this app.
  2. Users who already Signed up for beta testing can access the Game.

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So its means if you are Living any country other then Canada they can’t download the app in your Mobile phone. Its not available for Android/ Windows phone too. Only the users who already sign up for iOS Beta testing and living in Canada can Download Shadow Fight 3 Soft.

How To download Shadow Fight 3 Soft for all Countries (Except Canada)

Here is the Ultimate Trick that helps you to access this Game in other Countries too.  It is possible to bypass that by employing a VPN service in your own device, but it is not an perfect situation and it looks like the majority of folks prefer not bother with all the hassle and prefer to simply wait from the official launching rather than You are going to need a unique code supplied to individuals who signed up and have been accepted to the beta testing team to be able to play the mobile Game.

If you just wants to play right now they you have to Follow the all steps below.

First Step : Download the Game

  1. First Download any Free VPN App for your iOS device. Make sure its Have option to set your Location to Canada.
  2. Download the Canadian Version of App store in your device.
  3. Open the App store by using Vpn. Search for the Game by its name.
  4. Tap on Install button, Install in your Smartphone.
  5. Don’t Launch the app, Read the second step for More details.

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Second Step : Fix the Pop Up Code issue

Once you download it in Your Device then it will ask for Bet codes. In case you have, They you can Open it but you haven’t signed for Beta testing you can Follow up the instructions below.

  • Don’t Open the app, First you have to turn off the data connection and then Put your phone in airplane mode ( It will ride the Pop up notification for Beta Code).
  • Now open the Game, You can Play now.

That’s how you can Download Shadow Fight 3 Soft in any Country for iOS devices. Have any Question in mind then you can Point out this in Comment section.




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