Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error? – How to Fix

Ticketmaster’s Pardon the Interruption errors are those glitches that disrupt the online ticket-buying process on Ticketmaster App and the website.

They’re notorious for showing up right when you’re trying to secure those coveted tickets to your favorite concert, game, or event.

But worry not, in this guide, we’ll explore the reasons behind this Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption error, and provide step-by-step solutions to help you overcome it.

In a Nutshell

  • Pardon the Interruption errors disrupt Ticketmaster ticket purchasing.
  • They occur due to suspicious activity like bot behavior or frequent ticket booking attempts.
  • Scalpers frequently encounter this error, as it’s a measure against scalping.
  • Solutions include avoiding scalping, checking for automated activity, disabling interfering browser extensions, and clearing caches.
  • Patience and persistence are key to overcoming the Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error.

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Reason Behind Ticketmaster ‘Pardon the Interruption Error’

The Ticketmaster Pardon The Interruption error happens when Ticketmaster’s system identifies suspicious activity, such as bot behavior, from your phone or computer browser.

This error notice usually shows when Ticketmaster feels the online visit was automated rather than human-operated.

It is frequently triggered by behaviors such as quick ticket purchases or the use of browser extensions that interfere with JavaScript execution.

If you are a scalper and too frequently book tickets, you are bound to encounter this problem.

In this respect, this isn’t an error, but rather a precautionary measure put in place by TicketMaster developers to dicourage scalping.

However, if you are a regular client trying to purchase a ticket, you can easily resolve the issue and will likely never see it again.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error?

As we discussesd the Pardon the Interruption error appear when you trying to book tickets too frequently or from some other reason Ticketmaster detect bot like behaviour from your Computer or Phone.

When this happen this error apear to you.

But can do about it? Here are few things –

Don’t Do Scalping! (or go little bit slow)

This security measure is put in the place to trap Scalpers, so if you are Scalping for tickets, just don’t do it and you’ll never see this kind of error again.

If you are not scalping for tickets but trying to book tickets for personal uses, just delay a little bit between bookings.

Check for any Automated activity

Check for any automated activity or bot like behaviour on your system.

It goes for your network as well as your phone and computer.

If someone else is visiting many pages on TicketMaster website on the same WiFi network, you’ll also see the same problem.

If you are public WiFi like cafe close the app or webiste and switch to your personal network to book tickets or check already booked tickets.

Disable any browser Extention that might Interfaring JS

There are browser extentions such privacy-oriented extention which does block the JS of website as well as any cookies which might be necessary for website to fucnction properly.

Check for these kind of extention

Clear Caches, Cookies and try Again

Head over to browser history section and clear all your browser history, data and caches there.

For phone app tap on the TicketMaster app icon > app info > storage > clear app data and cache.

This will make any temporary cache related issue go away.

Force Close the app and Reboot the app

If you are phone close the TicketMaster app, close all opened recent app and reboot your phone.

Reconnect with network, open the app and see if the problem is resolved.

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How can I avoid the Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error?

Not loading pages too frequently, Using a different browser, clearing cookies and cache, and disabling ad-blockers can help prevent the error.

What causes the Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error?

Website glitches, high traffic, and payment processing issues are common triggers.

What should I do if I encounter this Error?

Try using a different browser, clear cookies and cache, disable ad-blockers, or contact Ticketmaster’s customer support.

Can I still purchase tickets if I see the Error?

Sometimes, trying again later or using alternative ticket-buying options might allow you to secure tickets.

Is there a way to get around the Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error?

Patience, persistence, and exploring alternative ticket-buying options can help you overcome the error.


The Ticketmaster Pardon the Interruption Error can be a frustrating roadblock in your quest for event tickets.

However, by understanding the reasons behind the error and employing the solutions provided, you can increase your chances of securing those tickets and enjoying your event to the fullest.

Remember, a little patience, persistence, and willingness to try different approaches can go a long way in overcoming this pesky error.

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