How to Transfer Money Using Freecharge Wallet to Merchants


Transfer Money Using Freecharge :-  The Freecgarge a mobile wallet provider company. Freecharge is one of the Biggest mobile wallet provider in India. Freecharge is a digitally secured wallet which can be used to transfer your money safely. So, i am going to tell, How to transfer money using freecharge wallet to merchants. 

You can use freecharge wallet to pay Mobile recharge, Electricity bill pay, gas bill, Railway ticket booking, purchase goods on Snap-deal, book movies on BookMyShow and more , And with pay merchants. You can transfer money from freecharge to bank account.

Using Freecharge Wallet to Merchants

There is no minimum amount limit, And you can transfer minimum Rs 10 to maximum up to Rs 5000 To your bank account in one time Transaction and and a maximum of Rs. 25,000 in a day.  Now You can load money in freecharge wallet. SO, how to load money and How to Transfer Money Using Freecharge Wallet to Merchants, Follow this easy steps :-

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How to transfer money using freecharge wallet to Merchants :-

  1. First of all, download the freecharge app from google play store.
  2. Now Install and open the app.
  3. Now log in and sign up on freecharge app.
  4. Add money in freecharge wallet.
  5. And click on Pay/Send  option.
  6. Select Fist option >Send money to mobile number.
  7. Now Enter mobile number of Merchants.
  8. And Finally, now enter amount & Click on send money button.
  9. And Merchants Will be Get amount.
  10. now success your transaction.

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How to Transfer money from freecharge wallet to bank account :-

  1. Now open your frecharge app & log in your account.
  2. and now Go To Main menu.
  3. Now Click on my account details .
  4. Click on bank & enter your all Bank details like account number IFC code, and bank name.
  5. Now click on Withdrawal money to bank.
  6. Now enter your number & very account via OTP .
  7. click on submit button.
  8. And Now money will be transfer to bank account Using Freecharge Wallet to Merchants.
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