Trick to Change Facebook Page Name after 200 Likes in 2017


If you have Fb page You have to understand You can’t Change Facebook page name after Reaching 200 likes.But Wait this limitation is apply for others not on Smart user who are reading this post.

According to Facebook Privacy policy You cant Change your Facebook page name after Getting More than 200 Likes.And i Personally Hate these type Of limitation.But here we have a Smart Trick to change Facebook Page profile Name after 200 Likes.

Now anyone can create Facebook page easily.Create a Facebook page and promote Facebook page is not Very hard Task anyway.Anyone Can do this. But We Face many of Problem On Facebook because Of His So called Privacy Policy.Do you know you Cant Change Facebook name After Reaching the Limit of 2000 Like on you Facebook page.

3 month ago i create a Facebook page which has more Than 12000 Likes now.Now I want to have Change the name of My Facebook page name But when i go to Facebook page Setting to Change my Page Name they doesn’t allow me to do that,I cant change My own Facebook page name.I searched On the internet and Found that due to some reasons Facebook doesn’t allows to change the fan page name After getting 200 likes.

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I again search On google to find the trick To change Facebook page name after 200 likes.I found Most of Result But tricks Is not Working now.Due to so Called Facebook privacy Policy which loads So much Limitation on Facebook Users.And we all Hate Limitations Didn’t We?? .But i finally Found the Trick to change Facebook page name Name,Which is Very Simple and Working Now.So i am going to share this Simple Facebook trick

Trick to Change Facebook Page Name after 200 Likes

You just need a Desktop,Google Chrome Browser,and yeah Internet connection too.Just follow this Steps to Change facebook Page name After 200 likes

  • First Open your Google Chrome Go to  Chrome web store website
  • Search Zen Mate Extension And download and Install this Extension In your GOOGLE Chrome Browser.
  • Register Yourself Using Correct email address and New Password .
  • Now Open Email Client And Verify Your Email address.
  • After Successful Registration.Close Your Google chrome Browser and open it Again.
  • Now tap On Zen mate Extension And Change your Location to United State.
  • Now login in Your Facebook Account and Navigate To your Facebook Page.
  •  Click on Setting Then Page info.Now Change Your Facebook page name and Save.
  • It takes up to Five Minute To appear New name.You will be Notified When Your Facebook page name will be change.

All Done Your Facebook page name has been Changed Successfully.


    • Its Perfectly Works I tested This 3 days ago , You need to Follow all Steps Properly. Facebook Allow changing the Facebook page name in United States & Some other Countries. So if you Set proxy as Us then it will Definitely works.


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