Vodafone Idea Deal : 8 thing that will Change after this merger


Vodafone Idea Deal : Finally Idea Cellular limited and Vodafone Indian Unit announced they are Going to merge their assets to create the Biggest telecom operator of India. Once Vodafone Idea merger will Completely done then this will Create a new market leader which can be easily face any competition from any other Indian Mobile operator like Jio & Airtel.

In the Process of Vodafone Idea Deal Kumar Mangalam Birla (The owner of indian Telecom brand Idea Cellular) Finally announce that the his company approves the Idea Vodafone merge. On one hand this merge will definitely make Both companies more profitable and on Other side they can face any Hard competition like from other Telcos Bharati airtel & Reliance Jio.

Vodafone Idea merge

Its Sound ok, But did you think what will happens once this Deal is Signed?, What will happen to Idea & Vodafone customers?, Did Vodafone will change its Name after this Merger? Here on Apptricker I am Going to Inform you about what things is actually change when Two biggest player of indian Telecom industry will joined hand together for their own mutual benefits.

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Idea and vodafone merger case study

  1. According To a news report Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla who is the owner of Idea will be the new chairman of this merged entity and while Vodafone India will only have the chief financial officer from their End.
  2. The new Company will be the biggest Telecom Mobile oprtor in indian Market with more then 400 million active Subscribers which is 35% customer market in India and It is 4 times larger then Current most popular Telco Reliance Jio Infocom.
  3. As per our Expectations The new will Get the 41% Revenue from whole Market.
  4. The Birla family will rule the almost all major Entities & Companies after and During Vodafone and Idea merge.
  5. Government of India Gives Payment bank bank licences to 11 indian Companies few months ago. Idea and Vodafone is one of them but Now to supports the Partner company Vodafone Payment bank will not launch.
  6. Both companies will sell their standalone tower assets during the Implementation of this deal to generate more Profit.
  7. This merge will not happen suddenly once Both Companies sign the Vodafone Idea deal . This may be takes up to Two year to complete the whole Procedure, They also accept that anticipate merger will be complete during  2018 not in Current year 2017.
  8. The Procedure Will done when they will get the Proper approvals from shareholders, creditors, stock exchanges, SEBI, Indian telecom department and off course the Competition Commission of India.

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